Party Day *8*...wonder of wonders...a masculine card...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Super quick post today...I don't know how inspired you'll be by this anyway!! Our son, Jared is stationed in North Carolina. I usually just purchase him a card to send at holidays because, well...I just don't do masculine much,...especially grown-up masculine. However...he is always so faithful to remember me with gift certificates for my favorite stamping shops whenever my special days come around, so I felt it only fitting to hand-make him a card. Thank goodness he's easy to please...

...and thank goodness there's money inside!!! ;)
I'll not insult you by explaining anything here! But while I was at it, I did a girl version...

(Had to get a little pink in my day somehow!)'s crunch time...unless I get totally desparate and come up with one more quickie to stall with between now and Sunday... (DETAILS HERE). I only have 3 (slightly more involved) projects to share...two of them, your final two gifts for the of them, a gift for someone else which I'll share over several days...NONE of them are completely finished!! (gasp!!) The cat's out of the bag...can she DO it!?!? If you don't hear from me tomorrow, (you'll KNOW I'm a failure and just couldn't quite pull it off) please come back on Wednesday!
Stay tuned..... (and thanks so much for putting up with me!!)


  1. Oh Geri,,great guy card and great take for a gal too..for me it would be inspiration to use up lots of scraps. I save all the little ends and much more!!! Thanks for sharing these, I'm hoping to be quite crafty today!!

  2. LOL...You're just too adorable, Geri! Of course you can DO it! You don't really need any sleep this week! haha I'm rootin' for ya! If you don't get it done on time...just be late like me! ;o)
    Love these cards! The masculine one has the perfect "manly" papers! They're both fantastic and such a fun design!
    See you soon! :o)

  3. I'm with you, I don't usually do masculine cards. Thought you did a good job and YES $$ always helps! Liked the pink version too. Looking forward to your upcoming projects!!! Don't stress, your blogging fans will check it no matter what day of the week it is!!!! Good luck!

  4. More power to ya sister on the masculine card. :-) Those are toughies. What a sweet son you have. He knows just what to get momma. You set a tough schedule for yourself. There just aren't enough hours in the day. LOL Take your time and enjoy yourself.
    Both cards are really wonderful Geri. Hugs!

  5. These look fun and easy to make, I love that!!! They are beautiful.

  6. So good to see a masculine card! They're always hard for me to come up with, too. But, no matter - my sons always LOVE anything I make them (and have saved every single card I've made them). [They're apparently not hard to please - ha/ha.)
    Am so enjoying seeing all that you're creating.

  7. You are selling yourself short... it's a PERFECT masculine valentine, and while it's simple, I really do love the design. And in the girly colours, it's even more perfect! You HAVE to love Crate Paper, right? I know I don't even have to tell you ;)

    I LOVE these cards, Geri... they might be a bit more CAS than your usual, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful!