Birthday Post...runnin' a little behind...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Helloooooo from *party central*!!! It's been such a great weekend! Lot's of sunshine...runnin' around after Caleb's band performances (which were great--mama's so proud!!!)...and partying yesterday after the special band performance/fundraising dinner with family. We had a house full! Caleb was so pleased...he's a teenager now, but still my little boy at heart, and still needing to know he has a special place in the family...

His birthday was in December but celebrating at the holidays last year just didn't work out, and he ended up disappointed. With his basketball conflicts in January, we just decided to celebrate our special days together on my birthday...I enjoyed sharing it with my big guy!!
Here are the last scrapbook pages to share...lots of Crate Paper on these...

this set on the softer side...

...and this set a little edgier...(you know those teenage personalities!)...
I was in a hurry...this one is so blurry...didn't realize...
And here's the Sweet Sixteen page...the rectangular template in the middle will be replaced by the photo. It's just tucked in for now...(and gosh...this one is blurry too!)
One thing I didn't share is that the pages are sewn together to form pockets. The journaling tags are tucked inside...
Alison was thrilled with the album. I put it in one with page protectors for now, but told her I would still like to create a more personalized cover later. I just really want to be able to take my time with it...and I will share it! I appreciate everyone's encouragement, though...I won't let you down!!!

OK, if you'll forgive me, I'm not ready for the give away. I have one journal to finish. Please join me on Wednesday, if you would, for that, and winners to be posted. It could be later in the day. Everyone is home today (even Daddy!!) so we're heading out for a birthday lunch, and then two basketball games tonight. I would like to be able to enjoy embellishing that last journal tomorrow, and not have to rush it. Poor planning on my sorry! But I sure appreciate you joining me so faithfully, and appreciate your visit today! (If you haven't visited in awhile and would like to get in on the give-away, be sure to let me know. Details are HERE.)

Thanks again...hope to see you Wednesday!!


  1. A Very Happy Birthday to you, my friend! You look FABULOUS!!...and not a day over 38!! Have a wonderful day of fun with your family! Quit worrying about deadlines! lol They're just not important...especially when it's just a blog deadline that you make up yourself...what is that? Go have fun and forget about it! :o)
    Love the last of the pages! They are all so creative and beautiful! That album is a definite treasure!...Nancy :o)

  2. The pages are all complete and they are all beautiful!! It will definitely be a keepsake! Happy Birthday to YOU! Enjoy your day, everyone is home just to help you celebrate your "special" day!!! I'll be checking in on Wednesday for a chance to see the last of your give-aways!! Everyone has been so creative, can't wait to see the finale!!!! Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, these are my favourite ones of all!!! Of course, you know me and CP... ;) They're BEAUTIFUL, Geri!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. How very special - getting to celebrate your birthday with your little man! Hope you both have a memorable day!
    Not surprised at all that Allison was thrilled with her album. It's absolutely beautiful. {Especially loved your page 16. Love that one!}

  5. Happy Birthday to Caleb and you! Hope you enjoyed this special day with your family. :-)
    WOW! Those last few pages are spectacular Geri! Just wait until that cover idea hits ya. LOL Hugs!

  6. Oh, how I love those scrap pages!!! Simply perfect!! Will have to try to add these to my scraplift file. I just adore them! Happy belated Birthday to you, as well.