Party Day *3*...unwrapping one of YOUR gifts...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's a happy day here, friends!! We're unwrapping a gift up for grabs...I sure hope you like it...It's just kind of a fun thing...made with happy little images and fresh colors...
...October Afternoon papers and stickers...

...put together to create this...

...a framed little work of art...(8 X 10, if you're wondering)...

I know, I know...there's a lot of empty space...but that's because it's really made for this...

Yeah!! You can write some happy little reminders on it!! I think these are my new favorite things to do!! So, so easy...inexpensive...and you can make them any style you like!! You MUST try it!! But remember...this one could be yours...each time you leave a comment between now and Feb. 19th, your name goes in the hat for a drawing for this and 3 other gifts! You can see the details HERE.

So glad you dropped in!! I will try to get around and visit as soon as I can...I thought I was doing so good, but the thing is...lots of things are STARTED, but lots of things are NOT FINISHED! ;) (This is also nursing home week...lots of prep there...and "drive WAY out of town to get hubby's car serviced" day tomorrow! day at a time...ONE day at a time!! :)

Have a great day!! Happy craftin'!! And thanks again for stopping!



  1. Oh, what a NEAT idea!! I am loving your posts this week, Geri!!

  2. Love this idea!!! You just made my week sound empty. You are always an inspiration to me. Always busy, busy, but always finding the joy in what you are doing and always full of energy and desire to do for others. Good deeds always come back to you!!!!!

  3. Love, LOVE October Afternoon stuff and this is so cute! What a great way to be able to jot a note to yourself. Great idea Geri!
    You be careful while you're running the roads. God's blessings on your nursing home ministry. You're an angel. :-) Hugs!

  4. Beautiful and fun!! I can relate to the "unfinished"...thats my middle name...!!

  5. This is just adorable! I could look at it all day!

  6. That's fabulous, Geri! October Afternoon is one of my FAVORITES!! Looks great and oh, so practical! Love it, my friend! :o)

  7. This is such a cool project! Great gift idea! Not only is it pretty, but it's functional, too.