February Papertrey Ink Blog Hop...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ETA: GEE WIZZ!! It WASN'T meant to be!! I missed the hop!! Time difference! Have to laugh!!!

Welcome "night owl" hoppers! This will be brief--promise! It's the card and post that almost wasn't, but after all my frustration with SHALL be posted!!

The challenge was to make an interactive card. Mine was made the old fashioned way--didn't get any of the new bells and whistles from PTI in time, so I came across a tutorial for a similar design and thought I would work up this pull-out card. Here it is together...

and here is the pull out message...

You can probably see one of my frustrations in that last step, the sentiment, didn't stamp completely and I had to try to fix it...NOT happy!! I apologize for the photos, also. It has been a long time since I have had to take a photo inside and at night...pitiful!!

I appreciate your visit. Forgot about the blog hop and really didn't plan on participating...wish I could have been earlier and a little more creative! I think this is somewhat of an old design. Went back to search for the tutorial I watched to include the link and couldn't find it. The card is almost 100% PTI products...if you see anything you don't recognize, give me a holler!!



  1. Okay, I can't see the flub with your sentiment, even when you point it out - so you're crazy. Also... this is *awesome*, even if it isn't a new idea! HELLO - did you see my lame entry?! I think this is a really neat idea, and you pulled it of PERFECTLY - it's meticulous and beautiful!

    Too bad you were too late to link up though :(

  2. Oh, Geri! You're hilarious...and you happen to sound just like me lately with my card challenges! I rush and rush to get thinks linked up...only to find out the new challenge has already been posted! haha I finally decided there is a conspiracy against me! Perhaps it's now happening to you as well! ;o)
    LOVE your card! I also do not see a THING wrong with the sentiment! Gorgeous flowers and fabulous design! I'll give you a holler alright...FANTASTIC!!! :o)

  3. Sorry you didn't make the deadline cause this is just gorgeous! Beautiful soft colors on those flowers and I never tire of seeing these flower pot cards. I don't think your sentiment looks bad at all, but I certainly have been there before. Everything completed, stamp and ARGGGHHH one letter is half stamped. Talk about your creative mood killer. LOL So glad you shared this with us Geri! Hugs!

  4. This old design is always appreciated by those that receive it. I think this card is gorgeous with all those pretty pattern flowers. I like the doily added to this. And maybe you see something wrong with the sentiment but it is just fine with these old eyes. Sometimes the image does not stamp 'crisp'. But we are not machines and it gives it a vintage look.

  5. Well you missed the blog hop and I almost missed your latest posting. I figured you would not have time to create something already after your busy blogging! I love the flowers and it soooo reminds us that spring is coming!!! Sorry you didn't get it finished in time to submit, because it's a winner for sure!!!!

  6. Been off-line for two days, and was delighted to be able to visit you again and see such a beautiful card! I just LOVE it. I really like the doily, and the sewing is a really special touch. The flowers are soooo beautiful, and I love the button centers. This would make a great Mother's Day card.

  7. Even with the picture...It's gorgeous!I get frustrated when I have to take a picutre becuase of deadlines and it's dark lol! Sorry you were late because it is a winner!

  8. Well I love it is soo springy and cheerful! I don't see where you made a mistake???? And I don't think you need the pti "bells and whistles" to do a beatiful card. Sorry I did not come over t0 visit sooner have had the flu. hugs, cherry

  9. Gorgeous! Just love this - those flowers are so pretty!