Happy Blogaversary To ME!! (insert music notes here)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

OK--I've really been looking forward to this but now I'm nervous, thinking...'I hope someone shows up to the party,' and...'I hope they're not disappointed'. (It's in the wee hours...and I'm really tired. You know how you don't always think so positive when you're tired...) Oh, well...the time has come, my dear friends, who I love so very introduce you to the GIRLs, who will hopefully help you know how much you are treasured by me, and all that you've meant to me during the last year. I've stuffed all the love I could into 'em....
They're pin cushions!! (You probably guessed, if you follow me at all.) But go ahead now...act like you're excited about being the proud owner of a new pin cushion--I'll wait for ya ;)..................OK, settle down everyone--I feel better now.
Let's get a little more personal, shall we? Meet Sage...She's somewhat earthy and humble....
And there's Miss Pinky...She's kinda spunky and contemporary...

Meet Rosie...very soft and feminine...And last, but not least, Blue Belle. What can I say about Blue Belle...well, let's just say she's...kinda blue-ish.All the girls have a pretty wide ribbon strap sewn in so that you can hang them and ALWAYS know where they are. Your needle will always be handy to make those pretty buttons look like you've stitched 'em right onto your cards. (I HATE it when I have ONE button to put on a card and it takes me 20 minutes to locate a needle and thread to make it look good!) And, speaking of thread, look what's on the back...

...a handy dandy pocket, in which you will find your basic creme and white floss. (If this looks like creme and is--I have a little shopping to do before these go out so that everyone will have creme and white.)

Well--there you have it! The cat's out of the bag. The blogaversary gifts have been revealed!!Hope you like 'em...and if you had better leave me a comment, because--to be in the drawing for these--you'll need to comment on this post. If you would like to think of something nice to say about me, like what a one-of-a-kind and talented artist you think I am, (I told you--I'm tired, and now giddy) that would be great to include, but if you're really just wanting a pin cushion, you can keep it brief. If you want to leave some helpful advice for the coming year...for example..."sense of humor needs improvement"...I can take it--lay it on me!! I plan to announce the winners in the afternoon, next Sunday. I'll let the winners choose their cushion on a first come, first served basis as winners' emails come in. And, for those of you who commented on my sneak get an extra spot in the draw for each comment you left on the peeks. I HAVE TO DO IT!!! Those comments made it so much fun!!! And by the way...there will be nothing but the most fair and objective random drawing system for the overwhelming number of participants kids! I'll number the comments (adding in those extra bonus ones) and my kids will be thrilled to pick the winners out for me.

SERIOUSLY now, this blog has been so much fun for me during the past year...I'm hooked!! I never dreamed, as I clicked away a year ago on my first post, that I was in for such a treat!! I LOVE the inspiration, and more than that, I LOVE the friendship and encouragement you all bring me. YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ME, and I thank you, dear friends.

Thank you so much for joining me today and coming to the party--hope you have enjoyed yourself.

Many blessings to you today, and throughout your week!!



  1. Do you know that i have been having a trouble keeping track of my all pins :) this is just meet my needs :)
    I am actually just follow your blog start few months ago when i want to try out how to create a shabby chic style..i just love all of your creations that isnt "stuck" on the card this cushion..i know it is pretty simple things for you..but for me..i dont even know how to make this. :) so i just simply inspired by all of your creations :)

    cant wait what is your next creations :)


  2. I just recently became a follower and all I can say about your blog is wow. I think youre multi talented and this blog is one of my favorites to get inspired. I love everything you make and your style is not only shabby chic but also elegant.
    This is a fabulous giveaway and I want to thank you for a chance to win. These pin cushions are to die for; I'm smitten by Miss Pinky and Blue Belle....And speaking of improvements; I really can't come up with something. I think it's perfect.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Oh Geri! I don't know whether to open with a LOL because you're so adorable and your sense of humor is so matched with mine!...or open with the *gasp* I experiences when I saw the beauty of your pincushions! What comes after "gorgeous-est"? lol They are simply sublime! They are treasures, and whoever wins them will be truly fortunate indeed! As am I just for having met you, my friend! Have a happy, happy day!...Nancy :o)

  4. Oh good grief! What little stunners! You are awesome girlie! I'm so glad we got to be bloggie friends over this past year. First found you through your creations at The Shabby Tea Room and then watched your incredible seam binding roses videos...your artistry just blew me away. You haven't stopped amazing me since. You have the most wonderful soft style. Always glad to find one of your posts on my reader waiting. And NO, I'm not saying all this to butter you up, after all it wouldn't do me any good since the drawing is going to be "the most fair and objective random drawing." LOL I really mean what I said and win or not I hope our bloggie friendship will grow during the coming year. Happy Blogaversary Geri!

  5. Dear Geri,

    What wonderful 'gifts' you have created! Each so unique and precious. The pin cushions are BEAUTIFUL! I love how you have added a pocket to the other side. You are so right about 'searching' for thread when you want it. What an honor it would be to own one of these. Now I hope you are 'kicking back' for a bit today. The Super Bowl is on if you like that. I'll be watching for sure! Go Packers! Any Whoo! It has been fun reading your posts for your blogaversary. You are a very talented artist with your needle, thread and paper creations and I love seeing what you create. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  6. you are a very talented person!!! I love your sense of humor as well as all the things you show us. The pincushions are super cute ( I especially like the blue one since thats my favorite color). Thanks for sharing your creations with us

  7. So gorgeous. It's clear each of these are made with love, care and lots of creativity. They're all beautiful and love the names too. Blue Belle is just divine.

    Congrats on your blogaversary and thanks for your generosity.

  8. Happy Blogaversary (is that a word)???? You have been a busy little bee and your creative talents have definitely come through this time. Of course, you already know I'm a big, big fan of everything you create and your upbeat personality always brightens my day. ENOUGH, ENOUGH!! LOVE, LOVE them all!!! Hope to be the proud owner of one of them. Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life with your talents but most of all your friendship.

  9. These are beautiful Geri, a lovely showcase of your talents. The colour combinations are all lovely. I love the back pockets for the threads. You have a fabulous Blog, and I enjoy popping along to see what you have made, and reading your posts. Judith xx

  10. These are gorgeous Geri! Wonderfully feminine and delicately pretty. All the things I love! Congratulations on your blogaversary...what a fantastic milestone! Good luck to you for the future, however, I don't think you'll need much luck with the talent you have!

  11. Geri, I LOVE them! The pin cushions are GREAT! (and you are a one-of-a-kind and talented artist!) I love how you made a little pocket to hold some floss. THey are wonderful and if I were chosen to receive one of these beauties, I couldn't chose which one. Thank you for your generosity and congrats on the 'blog-iversary/!

  12. Oh, got stopped in my tracks,a nice surprise.
    I collect pin cushions and most are homemade. These are super adorable. Great fabric, color,design, and a really unique gift.
    Your blog is really good with a morining cup of coffee. Inspiring and Delightful.
    Wishing you many more Blogoversaries and Thanks for the fun.

  13. Happy Blogaversary! What a clever and original blog give-away! These are totally yummy and shabbilicious! I love crafts that have a useful life and these fit the bill perfectly. Too bad I haven't been on my reader this week to see the sneak peeks to have the extra chances to win because I would love to have one of these beauties! Well, maybe my one entry will be lucky for me. Congratulations on having such a wonderful blog and for your significant milestone!

  14. Oh my goodness,these are drop dead gorgoeous! I would SO love to have one come live with me. Maybe I'll be a lucky one this time:) Hugs...

  15. Oh my word, these are the cutest!!! Where did you find that fabric? Happy blogaversary, my two year is coming up too but my treats are very boring in comparison! You are a very talented crafter and that's why I subscribed, love seeing your fresh creations.

  16. Wow these are just so beautiful! I followed a link from PTI blog. I have been wanting to make some for me after seeing Melissa Phillips post hers here:
    and here:

    She gave all her pin cushions names and as I was reading your post it reminded me of hers.

  17. Girl, there are no room for improvements here. I LOVE these pin cushions. They are darling. I want to make some now. LOL
    I do think you are very talented and have told you so for quite a while now. That is why I was getting on to you about blogging more often. Your work is amazing and we love to see it. :)

  18. Now aren't these the cutest little cushions ever?! I've been commenting and watching your blog for some time and am inspired with each and every visit! I can't think of any improvements ... goodness, no - just keep being you! We love what you do and are so happy that you take the time to share with us!

  19. Great pin cushions!!! And I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love! I'm going to follow you!

  20. Sorry I missed this post! Happy Blogaversary!!
    These pin cushions are to die for!!! I love them all! Gorgeous!

  21. Happy Blogaversary! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I'm having a great time looking at all your posts. Love your cards and these pincushions are fabulous too. Love all the trims and details and your eye for color is amazing!

  22. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Wow, I just discovered your blog today! I have been making a stroll through and am thoroughly enjoying it! You are one amazing talented artist! Truly, just gorgeous work I've seen on your blog! Those are great pin sweet and beautiful! Take care!

  23. Happy Blogaversary....wohoo 1 year. I love your blog, and have been following for awhile. It is so homey and friendly here, I love to stop in and see what you have been doing....

    Love the pin cushions, and yes, I need one to hang around my neck, because I hate searching for a needle when I need to stitch a flower or a button...they are all beautiful...wonderful job!!

  24. Happy Blogaversary! I've just stumbled across your blog from your gorgeous challenge entry at the Shabby Tea Room...what a lovely site filled with inspiration! Love these pin cushions too...!

  25. oh.. I just held off commenting on this post so I could give the other gals a chance at winning, esp those who, um, can't sew *grin* :) ... but I did want to congratulate you on your first bloggy-versary!!! that's an awesome milestone. Have many more happy years ahead... I am so grateful to be your friend via blogging, and am proud and honored that my simple blog-design can grace your beautiful projects :) ... now then, a final word... if you pick me thru the random thing-y, you can random-do-it-again, so I won't have to win :) I've won too many times elsewhere anyway~! :) hugs {aunt} geri :)