Party Day *2*...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks for popping in today!! So good to hear from you yesterday! For those of you returning, I'm so glad you're joining in on the fun! (If you didn't see yesterday's post, better check it out when you're done here.)

I dug through some "trash" for today's projects (only the BEST for you, my friends! ;) ...some things I couldn't bear to toss in the trash, actually. I HATE to throw away glass jars and bottles, and if I come across a can that's a handy size, I hang onto it rather than recycling it with the rest of the junk. Anyway, I grabbed a few I had saved and turned them into some Valentine treat containers...
I didn't spend a huge amount of time on any one of them. (probably shows!) I don't know about you, but I have to pick and choose where the time, energy, and tiny details are gonna go...and these were meant to be simple and this old Coke bottle...

...a little strip of unbleached cotton, trim, seam binding and flowers dressed it right up. I did the stamping AFTER I adhered the fabric...

Here's another bottle...Snapple Tea...with a pretty 'S' at the top (for "sweet", of course)...

Pretty self-explanatory! The next is one of the cans...primed and painted white, with a strip of trim and some buttons glued on...

The next can has a little wire handle...that little cherub needed a good spot to keep an eye on the treats...
This one was very subtly decorated...but I like how it shows off those pretty candies...

Well... I think that's it for today! Hope these gave you an idea or two for turning some trash into treasure.
I think tomorrow we should open a present, don't you? It's so hard to wait for these things! Again, if you missed yesterday's post and don't know WHAT I'm talking about, just click HERE! I would love for you to be in the running for the PRESENTS!!
Have a great crafty day!! See you soon!!


  1. All of these "trash to treasures" are right up my alley. You know I love turning the unexpected into something extra-ordinary. You did such a great job, loved them all!!! Looking forward to tomorrow's "present."

  2. Oh, I *LOVE* this idea!!! Normally I would be so worried about something being too obviously branded, but I actually think it adds SO much to the character of your projects... lesson learned! The cans with their handles are brilliant - if I am clever, I will remember to do that for Easter. What kind of cans are they??

    Beautiful, my friend!!

  3. You may not have spent much time on them, but they sure look like you did! Each one is just adorable Geri. I'll never look at my trash the same way again. LOL Awesome prezzies! :-) Hugs!

  4. These are really "sweet" have inspired me to get a few things done for Valentines day...hopefully!!

  5. Oh, Geri! They're all so pretty! No "trash" here! :o)

  6. GREAT inspiration here! LOVE the way you took your "trash" and turned it into such sweet treasures. I'll be eyeing my trash in a whole different light from now on. THANKS!

  7. So fun and pretty. I am always saving things that I think might make a nice gift, and usually covered in pretty paper, ribbon and flowers, they do!