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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello, friends! A bit of a last minute entry today. I really had no confidence to try this challenge from Embellish when I first saw it, and had pretty-much written it off. Take a look at this inspiration board, and take a guess as to why... If you happened to guess that the masculine theme would be somewhat scary for me, you guessed right. I pink?? flowers?? I just don't get a lot of practice at the whole masculine thing, and my stamp sets really show it...I have very, very few images that lend themselves to "masculinity". So I really thought I would just pass this challenge up. But then...I started thinkin' in the shower...and thinkin' some more in the van...had a few little ideas in my head...and decided to go ahead and give it a try. Thank goodness I picked up this little airplane from Papertrey at CHA last summer ($5, I think!!). I've already used it in one Embellish challenge, so I had to think of a way to switch it up...

I colored it mostly with pencils. (Coloring is another thing I get little practice with, and have little to work with) Then I just tried to think of ways to add dimension, and texture, and interest...and this is what I came up with...

I was kinda proud of my homemade embossing/impression plate for the sky/front...that was an attempt to add texture...but by the time I cut out the opening for the plane...there isn't much of it left to see. The little clouds are from a really loosely woven fabric. I started out with creme burlap but it was too bulky...amazing the difference the more delicate fabric made! The colorful strip at the bottom (to mix up the blue, green, red colors) was stamped on a diagonal with little images from a few different sets. I kinda like how that added color and pulled everything together. I needed a bigger sentiment than what came with the plane, so I did my own on the computer, cut the little banner strip, folded the end and strung some twine through as if it could be pulled by the plane.

So glad I "took the bull by the horns"! I kinda like how this little card, very much out of my comfort zone, turned out. Hope you like it, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your visits!!



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, everyone!! So happy to be back home! But so very glad to have enjoyed some sunshine and warm breezes while away. I'm sorry to say it's snowing here today, and dreadfully dreary outside. But I made this card for Melissa Phillips' photo challenge with all sorts of sunny, happy, thankful thoughts in my head and heart. I just know things will brighten soon! And in case you're needing it, I hope this card will help you believe that too! I picked the lightest, airy-est, prettiest things in my stash for it... I love the new Tiny Tag dies from Papertrey, but was not fortunate enough to get in on them the first time around...I'll keep waiting...but in the mean time...I made my little tag from a Martha Stewart tag that had a pretty detailed edge and was large enough to accommodate my tag punch. It suits me just about you? The pretty image is from Crafty Secrets. The only ones I have from them are spring-y, so this time of year...I hear them calling to me ;)
The rest of the card is pretty straight forward. The paper is pretty old, I think--from MMEye. The border die is from Papertrey, of course, along with the buttons. And now, I should share the photo from Leslie. So selfish of me to save it for is lovely...and it did inspire me to make this card, believe it or not. I just didn't want you to spend the entire post with your head cocked to the side and your nose all crumpled up thinking,..."huuuuuh?"

...My card's not very matchy, matchy, huh. I think Melissa's whole post inspired me, not just the photo. It just made me think of a springtime blue sky, a fresh warm breeze, clean spaces, new beginnings...and blessings. This card is going out to a dear family mom's best friend...I was born on her birthday and named after her. I am sure neither one of us could count how many times she has prayed for me or someone in my family. My mom is gone...but I'm so glad her dear friend is still here to share my mom's love and life with me. When I got her birthday card in the mail last month, I felt like I got a little of my mom right along with it! Such a blessing!

And speaking of blessings, before I really should hear THIS by Laura Story...her new song, "Blessings". My sister told me about it, and I was finally able to hear it on YouTube. It's worth sharing! But grab a couple tissues...I can't listen to it yet without sobbing.

Better go!

Hope your day is full to the brim with blessings (the simple, EASY kind!)


Happy Trails...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello, dear friends and family, from Gatlinburg, TN. We're wrapping up our Spring Break trip, and I wanted to share just a few photos with you of what are now some of my favorite family memories...
We couldn't get enough of the rivers and creeks that run through Gatlinburg and the Smokies...

We hiked over 2 miles (round trip) to explore Grotto Falls...

The kids were troopers and thought it was worth every step...

Another family favorite...horseback riding through the Smokies. Some of us loved it so much, we did it twice. The second time around, Jillian rode without the guide holding her horse. None of my photos did justice to the steep drops we were riding about 2 ft. away from, or you would see why mommy was just a little nervous at times. If you've ever been on any of these rides, you know--these horses know the way--and they don't want to go down that mountainside any more than you do! Jilli's my little cowgirl, though--she had to show ole Ghost who was boss a time or two!!
The views were LOVELY...

...and the very peaceful!
It has been a wonderful trip! I am so thankful we've had the chance to enjoy some early springtime weather as a family in one of my most favorite places in the country!!
Can't wait to get my own bed...and my crafting mess!!
See you soon!!
Happy trails to you!!

I TOLD you...I TOLD YOU I wanted a DO-OVER!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And NOT of the photos...THE CARD!! (although, I AM aware my photos need improvement!) Yes...yes, I'm crazy! Don't anybody be leavin' me 'crazy' comments, OK? But I had to do it! You're probably still gonna like my first card (previous post) better, but I had to try it again. For one thing, I already had that mess of blue-y gray stuff out. And the other thing...I just wasn't totally happy with the first card. Even though the paper I used (My Mind's Eye, with the swirls) had a vintage feel, it also had a large scale pattern that was fresh and contemporary, and I felt my details were too small for it. Stupid, yes...picky, yes...crazy, YES...but it all got the best of me!! Anyway, these were the colors (if you didn't see my previous post)...Here's my new focal point...
I thought I had what I needed to do a rolled felt rose, and thought it would be cute with the paper--and fresher--but as it turns out, my felt colors weren't quite right. Here's the new card...
...still with small details, but overall, a larger-scale look. And I left that doily alone--no smudgie ink! The ink on the first one made it look kinda transparent I left a little space at the bottom for a sentiment and a pearl or two, for when I decide who this will go to. Here are the two together...
I do like that gray contrast on the 1st one a lot! (Uh, oh...I feel a do-over of a do-over coming on!) Kidding! I think I have a better appreciation for that first one now that I've had the chance to play with it again. I promise...I'll put the blue-y gray mess away. Thanks for puttin' up with me!!

We're headin' to the mountains (no, not in Indiana) for Spring Break next week--it might be awhile before I'm back. I can't wait to go tromping around the Smokies with my hubby and kids, but I'll sure miss you all...and my paper...and my ink...;)

Thanks for stopping!!

I really appreciate the very, VERY sweet comments on my first card!! Thanks, everyone!!


CR84FN Challenge: Aqua, Steel Blue and Gray

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a look at these colors...
A little different, huh? Well for ME they are--but once I took a look at the creations from Mona and her team, the inspiration kicked in, and I fell in love with these colors!! I knew I had some creme roses made (from torn chiffon) that would look nice with MME's Stella and Rose papers...
I stamped, cut, crumpled, inked and glittered some cardstock for those leaves. And of course, I had to use some pretty aqua seam binding (Memrie Mare on Etsy)...and some pearls...even a little burlap... Put it all together, and this is what ya get for today!As usual, as soon as I saw my pictures, there were several things I wanted to change. (Does that happen to anybody else?!? I think I could do a do-over of every stinkin' card I make, once I see the photo. But you know what they say..."ya git what ya git, and ya don't throw a fit!!")

Do hope you like it, and DO hope you'll come back!!


(The sun is shining and the birds are singing here in Indiana!! Thank the Lord, Spring is JUST around the corner!!)

Thinking of You

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is so not like me!! TWO cards in one day...YIKES!! My husband is away tonight--it's O.K. if we go to bed with stamping stuff EVERYWHERE!! (Don't tell!)

I really wanted to get this done for Melissa Phillips' latest photo challenge...
Ain't it purdy?! It's from Leslie's Creative Mint. Had to get that butterfly in there...and some spring flowers...

I've used some Papertrey paper, stamps and dies...and some other pretty odds & ends, too. The sentiment is from Waltzing Mouse. I have distressed all the edges, which is part of Papertrey's Make It Monday Challenge. I always like that look, and I almost always ink my edges, but for some reason, I don't usually take the time to distress them. I just used my kids Fiskars (open) to do it. Thought they might be less likely to take off a finger than all my sharp little paper scissors. it is...

She's kinda tall and slender...about 6 1/4" x 3 1/4", I think. I like that size and shape for some reason.

Hope you enjoyed the card...I really enjoyed the challenge!!

Thanks again for stopping today!!


Sing or Stamp? Stamp or Sing?

All I can answer is...Thank the Lord I don't have to choose!!! I am so passionate about this paper and ink hobby of mine, but before I had it...outside my family and faith...I was most passionate about music. It has always been a huge part of my life...probably since before I can remember when, as a wee baby...I heard my mom and dad singing at home and at church. My favorites today come from contemporary praise and worship music, and they bring me so much JOY (EVEN through tears!!) ;) When I saw Embellish Magazine's color challenge with music, I knew I had to get back in the game with one of my most favorite challenge blogs! I found these colors a little difficult to interpret...they varied from computer to computer... that mocha or purple on bottom?...and I wasn't sure if that middle color was green or gold? Who knows...but luckily...interpretation is the name of the game. I used a little more of a gold color than others did, I think, but tried to add a little green to it just in case. And unfortunately I don't have ANY music themed stamps!!! Not real smart for a music lover, I know! I did have some sheet music paper from the Paper Studio, though, so I embossed my little bird cage right on that, added a little shading with distress inks, and cut it out.
I had a little scrap of paper that I liked with the colors I was using, and added trims for the rest of my background. The ribbon is from a couple different Etsy shops. My flowers were handmade with Papertrey's BB dies and the smallest one from a small star punch. The sentiment was done on my computer...from the heart!
Anyway...hope you like it! It's so good to play along with Embellish again! The DT has some beautiful inspiration to share!!
Remember...keep a song in your heart!!

Favorite Colors with CR84FN Color Challenge

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey, everyone!! Last minute creation, here. Not because this took me so long...but because I really decided at the last minute that I still had enough time to get it done. The colors were so lovely this week at Mona's CR84FN Color Challenge...
These are a few of my most favorite! I took another look at Guest Designer, Stella's, card yesterday and said, "That's it...I'm doin' it!!!" Although, one thing I really loved about her card was all the clean white...with those colors just popping off of it...mine did NOT turn out very clean OR very white!!
A couple at church has finally had their brand new baby girl (first baby)! So I thought these colors would be perfect for that occasion! The style is all feminine and frilly! I used my smallest Papertrey heart die and some pale, pale pink chiffon fabric to cut out about a dozen little hearts. Then I strung them all together with a needle and thread to create this flower...

I actually liked it better before I added the paper flower to the center--it flattened an otherwise really "fluffy" and dimensional little flower! I also used some white crepe paper to create a pretty ruffle--I stretched out the bottom edge as much as I could without tearing it to give it a little softer, fabric feel. My little sprig of new leaves from Etsy is going was the only one they had. I also added my favorite Cabbage Rose Ribbon from Marilyn on Etsy...some Papertrey stars and a chipboard piece (Thickers)...

The paper is from The Paper Studio and My Mind's Eye. The Little sentiment is from Papertrey's Star Prints. Oh, yeah, I used my Papertrey edgers also!

Hope you like this girly little creation! There are so many beautiful entries this week! And the Design Team really out-did themselves!! It's definitely worth a peek!!

Thanks so much for stopping!!


Buttons and Bows (and a lovely photo challenge!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Melissa Phillips has started up her photo challenges again with photos from A Creative Mint. This challenge is all "hearty", and in soft pinks, which I I had to play. There were three photos to challenge us this time...The buttons spoke to me. (And they were something I had plently of on hand!) So I created this little heart collage/focal point with my smallest Papertrey buttons, pearls, and some pale pink gems...The papers are somewhat of a collage, also...from The Paper Studio, Pink Paislee, and another scrap that no longer has a name :(
Anyway...there she is. I've added a Thickers chipboard piece (painted), some Etsy seam binding, doilies, burlap, vintage trim, tiny flowers, lovely leaves and a trinket pin. She's kinda soft and sweet! Can't wait to see the next challenge!

Thanks, Melissa, for making time for these fun and inspiring challenges!

Have a lovely day!!