Party Day *10*...first album...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well, here's the revealing of several FIRST album of any's a gift--and it's late...third...I had set a goal for myself to have it done by MY won't be done and bound by my birthday--however, EVERY PAGE WILL BE DONE BY MY BIRTHDAY!!! You heard that, right?! The PAGES WILL be done!! Lastly...I had planned to start posting the completed pages as I
finished them long ago, but felt the cover should be posted first, because it explains the theme of
the album...THAT cover is a major stumbling block for me! I just don't know if I can do it and be
satisfied with it. I've tried one...FAILURE!! And in my head I'm just not sure I have a more
successful plan...but I'm not giving up and purchasing one yet!! The idea or theme, and what I want the cover to say is..."Audrey...your sweetest 16 smiles". There are 16 pages with a space for only one photo on each. Her mommy and daddy get the job of choosing one smile per year to go in the album...and it won't be easy!!! Here's the first...

This page will stand alone.
The next two...
years 2,

and 3...

will face each other...
My plan was to use bits and pieces of my favorite papers, making sure there is pink on every page, and to have each pair of pages coordinate with each other...that's really the only continuity it will have...I haven't stuck with one paper line or anything (that would be way too sensible!!). It has been fun, but WAY more of a challenge than I was expecting! My hat goes off to you people who create the gorgeous things I see online, and still accomplish other things!
Anyway...I'll continue sharing a few pages at a time (and eventually, that RASCAL COVER) until you've seen them all!

(Side note: While Google Chrome has been a MAJOR improvement--it seems to be picking and choosing which text it's going to center in my posts, and I can't seem to adjust it. Does anyone else experience that?)

Thanks for stopping!! Hope to see you tomorrow!!


  1. What a sweet album! Hard to believe it's your first album. It's really beautiful, and will be much appreciated - a true labor of love. I've been really enjoying seeing all the things you've been creating. Thank you for sharing and providing such great inspiration.

  2. Hi There!!

    I was so excited to see you posted lol!!! I love your mioni!! its so adorable Geri!!

  3. Oh, Geri! That is going to be the sweetest mini ever! I LOVE what you've done so far! It's fabulous! I just can't wait to see the rest!...Nancy :o)

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you are coming up with. It's going to be just too precious when you get it all finished (and you will get it all finished.) Can't wait to see the final pages and of course, that cover!!!!!

  5. I LOVE the theme of this book, and I think you're doing a wonderful job!! What is bothering you about the cover?? When I do minis, I use LO sketches, even for the cover, to help me get some flow and stay inspired throughout the album. I've done a few, maybe I could give you some tips if you want? Or, maybe that's obnoxious and conceited? ;)

  6. Wow..that is so very nice and pretty. Sure looks like you have done this before. You are doing a great job on this and look forward to the next set of pictures.
    Thanks for the comments and encouragement on my blog.

  7. Oh wow, this is stunning Geri, very pretty and pink! (I love pink) ;)

    Vicki x

  8. Oh so will be a treasure. So glad you are having some great creative time. Makes my coffee break so fun!!

  9. This is amazing! Audrey's parents are going to be blown away by this beautiful album Geri.
    LOL I find it funny that you're having trouble with the cover. That's usually the first part I complete and then I struggle with the rest. :-) Don't worry. it will come and be just as amazing as these pages.
    Normally I find that Google(old or new) tends to have trouble with the centering directly after pictures. Inserted pics are normally centered and unless you space down a line it tends to center your text too. Hope this helps. Hugs!