MFT Summer School…Session 3...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hey, everyone!  I've been working any spare moment I can get this week to get some cards done for MFT's third and final round of Summer School.  These challenges have been so fun…they make ya think, without being too restrictive.  I'm barely getting them in on time, though…band season has begun…with lots of sewing…and we have a new puppy eating up my spare time…and my arms…and my legs…Good golly his teeth are sharp!!!  But anyway…on to the cards…

The first couple were originally for the 'repetition' challenge.  But now that they're done, I think they fit a couple other challenges, too...

So my first thought was obviously repeating the hearts for a linear design, but varying them with papers, embellishments, etc.  The three hearts gave the linear look I was going for, and breaking them up with the sentiment added a little interest. I enjoyed the DT's samples of contrasting designs for the various challenges and thought that would be fun, so in creating my own contrasting designs, they ended up fitting in well with the 'soft vs. hard' challenge. I've used softer elements on the original design, giving a more feminine look..

I varied the embellishments to balance the hard and soft…hard, clean buttons vs. a soft layered airy flower, and the open doilies, trim and stitching being softer elements that balance out the strong, straight, vertical lines of the design.  This card also uses the element of less saturated colors that add to the softness, while the next one…

…does not!  Purer colors, cleaner lines, less open and scalloped doilies…and less embellishments turn this same design into a more masculine look!  The contrast of the colors used makes this set of cards an example of the variance of 'color saturation', and this second one also fits into the 'symmetry/asymmetry' challenge.

The next pair of cards were made with the 'color temperature' challenge in mind…

Again for the fun of seeing the contrast, I've made two…one for cool colors...

…a somewhat soft and subtle 'hello'…(and maybe a bit blurry - sorry!) and one for warm color temperatures…

…a bolder, happier 'hello'!

And that's all I was able to accomplish!  But I have to say…summer school's never been so fun!!!
And I must also say thanks for all the extra inspiration by the MFT team!
I'll let you go, but I thank you for your visit!


  1. I think you should get an A + in summer school. All of your examples are so making me want to put housework aside today and pull out my supply of goodies. But unfortunately that's not on today's agenda!! But you have inspired me with all of your cards and I can't seem to decide on a favorite, there are special accents on all of them I really like. Thanks for sharing them😃😃

  2. ESP....had been thinking about you and here you are ! Lovely cards. But I really love the very feminine one with hearts and lace. Extraordinary. Hard to believe summer is coming to an end, but I love fall and in a few short weeks will travel to DC to see my son and family. I am soooooooooo excited ! Have had a few rainy days to play catch up on garden stuff, crafting and housework. Have a lovely weekend Geri.

  3. I like the sparkle on your masculine card Geri! But the soft feminine card warms my heart. Love the little doilies, hearts and fancy trim!! Beautiful hello cards too. Looks like a summer school diploma is coming your way!!

  4. Wow! Your cards are always so outstanding Geri! I love to see you create!! These are all just beautiful and such wonderful examples of the lessons! You get an A+ from me! haha!

  5. You sure know how to do contrasts really well. Your work is always neat as a pin but it's also stylish and classy. Excellent class work!! Hugs!

  6. Your cards are always lovely to see but I must admit that your "color temperature" made me sigh. This is gorgeous. Wow!

  7. Geri these cards are all so wonderful!!! You are getting an A+ for sure!!! Love the feminine and masculine feel of the first two! And the cool and warm tones on the next set! So fun to see the same card recipe turn out differently but equally lovely!!!

  8. Gorgeous cards! You really nailed the homework! I'm loving the softness of that first card and I love the inking on the last two!

  9. I know I'm late, but I've been meaning to pop over here since I saw this on my feed!

    I LOVE the lighter heart card, it's so pretty and soft - my favourite! But everything in your post is so lovely, and you can tell you're really enjoying these challenges. I just love seeing so many posts from you!!

    Beautiful, my friend!

  10. Such beautiful cards, Geri! I really love the contrast of your soft feminine design vs. the bolder masculine design, and the contrast between the cool and warm colors. Each one I see, I think this is my favorite.... until I see the next one! :D

  11. You make beautiful cards! I'm happy to find you and follow along!

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