Spring is on its way!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I've been dying to get my hands on some Spring colors, papers and images, and this weekend I had a little time while the kids were playing with friends! Yeah!!

Been wanting to try a little more tissue trim to use with it all, too! I sprayed some Tattered Angels Key Lime Pie green on it this time...such a pretty, fresh color!! I think I would scale down the size and fullness of it for cards next time, but it was too pretty to toss out! I used my Papertrey Scrambled Eggs set on these cards...

This one was just a little goofy...but FUN...

(Did your "white picket fence" dreams include pearl nail heads? ;)
And this one a little sweeter!...
And I guess that's about it!! Hope you are enjoying the anticipation of Spring, and have a great week ahead of you!! Thanks so much for visiting me today!!!


  1. Yeahhhhhhh I am first to comment....Hi Geri! happy almost spring! LOVE LVOE your cards! Ok you have to share with me how you made the crepe fringe...I have been wanting to make homemade but didnt know hwo. cherry

  2. Cute, stunning, fun and...gorgeous. I love that tissue trim; such a fresh, bright and lovely focal point. ( Yes ; the eggs too but it's that splash of green that caught my eye!)

  3. Love the look of that tissue on your cards Geri! Such a fun and perfect embellishment for both since it reminds me of Easter grass. :-) The bunnies and chick are just darling. Love your imagination! Hugs!

  4. Oh, what fun, Geri!! The tissue trim is lovely! The images are just too adorable! "white picket fence" dreams definitely include pearl nail heads and lace doily sunshine! It's all brings wonderful smiles, my friend! Thank you!...Nancy :o)

  5. Oh, your latest cards are just too cute - and, loaded with such fun embellishments! The bunnies and chick are adorable, and I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you used the crepe paper fringe! Using the lace doily for the sunshine is a unique touch, and I love the way you added the pearls to your white picket fence. Glad that you got a chance to create some this weekend.

  6. Soooooo cute!!!!! I don't even know where to start!! I love that you used a yellow doily as your sun, I love love LOVE the tissue trim, and how CUTE are those bunnies and that little chick??

    Come on spring, I am OVER this cold weather...

  7. So glad you were able to fit in some "crafting" time. I loved the picket fence (my kind). The bunnies were so cute and just made you want to smile. I too LOVED the tissue paper trim, you will have to share your method. Spring is definitely showing up this week!!!! Enjoy!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Love, love, love!

  9. Wow these cards are fabulous!!!
    Love, love, love the doily sun and the tissue paper grass!!
    Wonderful :)

  10. Super Cute Cards! Love the 'pearly' fence! And the grass IS greener on the other side. Too cute!