PTI Make It Monday ~ Angled Backgrounds

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Sunday, Friends!!!  Just getting in on the end of the current MIM challenge at PTI...'Angled Backgrounds'.  This was a fun technique, and I found myself wanting to experiment further each I did...using different focal points along the way. First using PTI's 'Heart Prints', a Studio Calico frame and a hodge-podge of papers...

...I liked that color scheme!  And I was pleased with the results of the added dab of trim.  So then I about MORE trim (maybe I shouldn't have...maybe less really is more;)...and a totally different color scheme...from Pink Paislee's Color Wash...

...that's PTI's 'Wonderful Words: Love' and the 'YOU' from 'Everyday Happiness'.  And then yet another color scheme using their Kraft pattern pack of paper which I thought was perfect for this technique...

I thought popping up the flower and adding the little banner added a fun touch.

The focal point there is from 'With All My Heart'.
How fun!!!  This technique really grew on me.  And...maybe it would have been different had I not used trim...that added some bulk...but I really felt the need to stitch all those layers down.  I wouldn't have trusted my adhesive, and felt the edges looked nicer when it was all stitched down.

As you can tell by my photos...I rely on natural light...which can definitely be a problem with short cloudy winter days.  Today, my source of light came from this...

I use that corner of my husband's desk and the light from that window for photos...and yes, the blizzard is upon us...although the blowing and drifting hasn't started yet, and the temps have not yet dropped...we still have that to look forward to!;) This shot is from the front door looking across the street...

We already had a pretty decent snow on the ground that had started to melt...I would say about 3" of what you're looking at is the fresh stuff that started overnight!  BUT...We're good to go, I think.  My worrying hubby, whose job relies on schools being open, is in...of all places...HAWAII, visiting the oldest and his new family.  I think it's going to be 84 there today.  As long as my pipes don't freeze during the next night or two...the kids and I will be fine. And I should probably say, as long as I don't lose my internet...I might just go crazy if that happens! LOL I'll be counting on you gals for lots of interesting inspiration over the next week...I'm guessing the kids will remain home from school the entire week, and that we'll be going NOWHERE for the next 3 days at a minimum.  Nothing like togetherness! I am so thankful we're warm and safe, and worry about those who may not be.
Snuggle up tight, everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!



  1. What stunning cards you made!!! I love everyone of them!! Great job on this technique!!

  2. Oh no Geri is this kind of weather something that you have every year? Don't they say that if you leave a faucet dripping that will prevent frozen pipes? I feel bad for 70 degree weather ! No rain in site!! I bet you wish you were in Hawaii too 😄

    I think your cards are adorable!! I love the trim it adds so much !! And the flowers in the center if the heart is awesome !! Stay warm !! Hugs

  3. Oh Geri I hope you and your kids will be fine. It;s all over the news here in Europe and I hope you all will stay safe and warm.... Your cards are amazing; I can;t pick a favorite. I love them all!

  4. love all of the cards but especially the last one with the fine linen background - the stitching adds so much - great detail. keep warm - it's -20 wind chill here, but sunny.

  5. Hi Geri! It's been too long since I visited your blog! I thought I was subscribed, but I hadn't gotten any emails and now I see I've missed so much! Your three cards here are just gorgeous! I love how you made the backgrounds, and the stitching is wonderful. And ooooh look at the snow! We have snow here too and it's still coming down. It's supposed to be a high of 3 tomorrow! I hope you all stay warm and the pipes don't freeze! :)

  6. love your projects and beautiful snow pics! we are covered in snow too!

  7. LOVE your cards Geri...all of them! I stitched my angled background, but didn't think to use some trim. It adds such a soft, feminine touch to your cards. Wasn't this technique fun? I want to use this again and again!
    The view out your windows looks like ours, but I think we have more snow. It's drifting today. So...don't know if I'll be going to work tomorrow or not.
    Take care and stay warm!

  8. Gorgeous cards! I love that you added that beautiful crochet trim. Good luck with all the togetherness! Hopefully the hubby gets home soon to give you a break. In the meantime, there are always movies to watch.....

  9. geri - the pti paper i used is soft stone - it really is my fave - but then grey is the "in" color these days anyway.

  10. A trio beauties Geri!! Love the pretty little trim. I'm one state over from you and not looking forward to what's headed our way. Wish we could ALL be in Hawaii!!!

  11. They're all so gorgeous, but I really LOVE the first one. The colours, the scallop trim and the small amount of lace. It's so gorgeous - you rocked the challenge! I didn't play along in time, but I am curious to try this one, especially seeing what you did with it.

    I hope the weather gives you a break soon! That looks so beautiful, but I know it can be wearing!

  12. Geri, now I can see why your art is so sensational: you live in a park!! How cool is that! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for having a bonanza day in your craft room with the MIM challenge! All three are outstanding, but my favey fave is the one with the pastel patterns and the lace borders. It surprises me since I normally love the bright colors, but this one is so feminine and so almost Victorian and I love it to pieces!!

    I know it's still cold there and I imagine you are right about the schools being closed, but I'll bet you and the kids are making the most of it and having fun! Put another towel around those pipes!! Hugs, Darnell

  13. Gorgeous cards, Geri! The second one with the trim is my favourite-- so soft and pretty!

  14. This technique wasn't doing a whole lot for me until I saw your cards. The sewer in you really nailed the best of this look. (If I remember correctly, you've done a bit of crazy-quilting before.) Your color combinations are divine, and oh so different from one another. Your stitching is just gorgeous, as usual. (My sewing machine lives in the dark corner of the room, so I only bring it out once in a while, use it, then relegate it to the darkness again.)

    All the snow can be wonderful for reminding folks that we don't always get to have our agenda uninterrupted by Mother Nature. (We don't need to capitulate often these days.) I'm hoping that your at-home time together is fun and creative, and that the cold and snow is not damaging people, plants or buildings, in your more southerly clime. May you have many hugs to keep you warm.

    P.S. I just too bonkers over your lovely pale 'Love' card. Must pin it now.

  15. Oh yes, you have 3 beautiful cards. Just love the stitching and all the fun layers. Weather is really weird lately. We missed all the snow this year except 4 fluffy inches 2 days ago, needless to say it blew away with our terrible winds. At one point yesterday it was MINUS 47....warmed up to Minus 27 by evening and today it is bright, sunny and about 10 above. Kids are back in school and businesses are reopened.
    And I love your wintery photos. You have more trees than our farm has!
    Thanks for sharing and Stay warm.

  16. I am TOTALLY in love with this technique now that you've shown me how wonderful it looks. Thanks for the variety of "extras" too. Hugs!

  17. Your amazing work defines 'card artist'. Each one so beautiful that it deserves to be framed! Your natural talent at mixing & matching is second to none! Stunning creations , each one with such pretty details that work perfectly with the color and them of the cards. Your stitching rocks - love the zig zag with the lace border! You have inspired me to give the angle look a try - it is so neat and a great way to use some of the scrap paper stash!

    Darnell is live in a park...a beautiful winter wonderland park !
    Thanks for sharing those pics - they're gorgeous!

  18. You absolutely make the angled background a thing of beauty, my friend! SO love all your takes on the fun MIM challenge! I think the added lace trim is just gorgeous. Your storm photos are gorgeous, too...although I'm sure it's much less fun to live through it all than to see it on a computer screen! :)