Hello, from a stranger...

Friday, December 13, 2013

I feel like a stranger, anyway!  Wanted to quickly share a few things before I race off again, and I'm happy to long string, about a month and a 1/2, of crazy CRAZY weeks is just about to wrap up.  After Sunday, I'll hopefully be breathing a huge sigh of satisfied relief.  Just say a little prayer, if you would, that an approaching winter storm doesn't put a kink in our dress rehearsal plans for the kids at church this evening, as well as the program on Sunday, and my oldest's Christmas Spectacular with the high school music department that day, too!  Wouldn't have traded my special Christmas projects for anything, but I'm so ready to sit back and enjoy the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays.  For starters, I'm late in sharing this card I made for Precious Remembrance a couple weeks ago...

The card on the PR blog was actually photographed at our resort at Disney over Thanksgiving break.  I desperately needed sunlight for it and just couldn't find it here at home that last 24 hours before the trip.  It was made using the Border Tape 1 set and the Positive Thoughts set.  Today, you'll find this card over at the PR blog...

...using the same sets. Next up...yesterday was nursing home day...

There's my dear sweet Maddy and myself.  Can't photograph many of the participating residents for confidentiality reasons, but I was glad to get this shot of the two of us to share with you.  She is THE sweetest Christian woman...Oh, how I've enjoyed getting to know her!  Here are the cards we made...

If you are a newer follower...I go once a month to make cards with the residents at a local nursing home. This time I had 20 cards prepared and ready to assemble.  I pre-stamp what I can, and have everything pre-cut and ready to go. This time they chose the sentiment for the inside, and that was all they needed to stamp. They also got to choose one of 3 snowmen (or two smaller ones) from a K&Co set of layered die cut stickers. know...more than likely, there are residents in a facility near you that would look forward this same thing!  You should give it a try!  It would make a great new goal for the new year...and I promise would love it as much as they do!

And before I go...allow me, if you would...Here's my Mrs. Claus and her hubby...

Her outfit was another Christmas project...

One of our favorite Disney sights...

What they do to that castle with music and lights is amazing!  Everyone should get to see it once!
My Jonah boy...

...all snuggled up in his new hat...waiting to head back home to chilly temps.
And the big boy (Caleb)...

...marching up the street at Hollywood  Studios to perform with his band and 5 others from across the country.
I could go on and on...but I'll spare you!  Just know it has been QUITE the holiday season with memories we'll never forget!!!  Thanks so much for letting me share!  Have a great day and thanks so much for your visit!!!


  1. Love the cards Geri and the photos you've shared are wonderful! What a great thing you so with the folks in the nursing home. I'm sure they enjoy it very much. You kids look so cute and the castle is awesome! We were theer when they did a big birthday/aniversary celebration and the castle was decked out like a birthday cake!

  2. I LOVE this post. The picture of you and Maddy is so lovely!! She is like the perfect little grandma. And we were in Disneyland last year and blown away - I imagine World is just that much more impressive,

    Your kids are adorable as always :). Enjoy your rest time now!

  3. Hello stranger!! I really LOVE this post too!!!! The cards are spectular...Love the pictures and that castle is spectular!!!!! WOW, I'd love to see it!

  4. Hang in there! Praying that everything goes smoothly this weekend. Your cards are beautiful and what a blessing you are to those ladies in the nursing home!

  5. Wow, you've been busy! Good for you for volunteering at the care home like this! That's wonderful!
    And your card is lovely, too! I love the neutral shades!

  6. Wow, Geri, what a lot has been going on in your life! First off, I love the card with the neutral flags and little pop of color with the heart! Love the snowmen cards too! What a fun thing to do! I know the people so enjoy seeing you come!

  7. I think you're the one who should have tackled a daily December this year. Just look at all the great things you have going on. Stepping in to help and do for others, great trips, lots of activities with your kids...I hope you can kick back and relax after the weekend. You deserve it. I just adore that banner card. It's such a fun way to use the stamps. You rock card lady! Hugs!

  8. Geri I love your sweet post! You have been busy with such wonderful things! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love that you make cards with the nursing home residents! What a wonderful idea! And all the cards you showed are wonderful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
    :) Jill

  9. Hi busy girl! Fabulous pictures and hang in until you can breathe easier! Looking forward to working with you on the new Fusion team!

  10. Here's hoping peace has found its way to your door, girlfriend! Happy 2014 to you and yours!

  11. So FABULOUS to have you as a teamie again Geri!!! Here's to a spectacular 2014 :)

  12. I'm very excited to be on the Fusion Design Team with you Geri...your cards are always very inspiring. Happy New Year!