Need a little nudge???

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How about a nudge to break out your dies, stickers, and stamps that include letters???

 That's what this very first "paper nudge" (always on Wednesdays!) challenge is all about over at the CPT blog!  And, oh there ever some lovely inspiration waiting for you there!  Just take a peek!
From Andrea...

And Cherry...

And here's mine...

That little heart was punched from a doily image from the 'Rustic Fall' set in Andrea's shop.  Don't know if I'm sold on this card or not,'s growing on me!  ;)

I needed this little nudge, myself!  Letters add so much interest and can make a big statement (literally, I guess!)  Especially when they're all different sizes, styles and colors. (LOVE what Andrea came up with, don't you?)  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the blog, soak up the inspiration, and get crackin'!!

Thanks so much for your visit!!



  1. HOW PRETTY Geri! Love the fancy flourishes and the pops of bling!!

  2. Got my post done a bit late, but I couldn't miss joining in the alphabet fun!!

  3. How the heart.....will have to check out all the rest of the DT creativeness and hope I have time to create one myself!!

  4. Gery, your creation is VERY PRETTY, delicate... love the simple but elegant card! Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. You did a fantastic job on this card Geri! Love the heart and pretty swirls! I know sometimes it's fun for me to jump out of my comfort zone lol!!

  6. You are so soooo good at simple but elegant....I always add to much!

  7. It's a lot simpler than your usual style - maybe that's why you're not sold? But it's beautiful!!

  8. A fun the variety and your simple card is so cute. great colors and quite mail-able.

  9. Oh, I think your card is fabulous, Geri! I really love the pretty blue and love the stamping. Such a fantastic way to create the sentiment, too!

  10. Hope you are enjoying this fall weather. I'm like you, the card is growing on me. I really liked the stamping and liked your choices of colors. Of course, I'm partial, I love all of your creations!!! Have a "great" day!

  11. You might not be sold but i am. I love those zig zaggy letters Geri. Great inspiration for the challenge! Hugs!