All Squared Up...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hope this finds you with a great week behind you and a great weekend on the way!  It's Tip Top Shape Friday at the Creative Paper Trade blog and this week we're incorporating squares into our designs.  Simple,  right?...
 For my first project, I embellished a square frame. (JoAnn Fabrics) I cropped up the little freebie image Andrea offered during our intro week to create this sweet little tag...
...and, of course the answer to that question would be to 'be unique'...I used a little Fiscars punch to add that to the bottom.  And in the center is a pretty little 'unique' butterfly...she couldn't decide what color/pattern wings to wear (Andrea offers too many pretty choices...what's a girl to do???) limit herself to traditional matching wings, right?  Just like my little Jilli right now...she'll throw anything on and say...'what do ya think, mom?  CUTE, huh?'

Sometimes I wonder what people might think, but I try to let her make some of those decisions on her own.  It's good for her.   And who cares if you're not all match-y match-y!
I think she'll like this...

One more project featuring an image from  Andrea's Framed Out set.  Went with butterflies again...I've got Jillian's birthday on my mind...

This one's made with fabric and tissue, as is the little flower.  I sprayed them with a little shimmer mist, held them with tweezers and blasted them with my heat gun to fluff them up a little...

Brought everything together with some pretty MME papers and a Craft's Meow sentiment...

Wanted to share...I wasn't quite happy with how my frame was blending in with the papers. I was almost there, but not quite, until I decided to print the frame on another piece of MME paper with a really subtle background...

Even though it was hard to see in the photo...this made all the difference for me in the finished product.  I printed the image (frame) I wanted on normal paper, then placed my paper of choice on top as to not waste any more than necessary, and taped it down...

...and printed again...that did the trick!!!
OK...I've kept you long didn't have that much coffee in your cup, did you???  Andrea and Ginny have some additional inspiration over at the main blog.  And we've tweeked our challenge schedule a little to give you more time to create and add to the inspiration!  Better head over to the Creative Paper Trade now for the details!
Thanks so much for stopping in!!


  1. Actually, Geri, I just poured a fresh cup so I was good to go! lol FABULOUS projects! I love your sweet unique's wonderful! The card is beautiful too! Such a pretty butterfly and flower on that one! Lovely sentiment too...I've not seen that one before! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!...Nancy :o)

  2. oh my....such lovely projects!

  3. I love how you did this! Everything from those butterflies (my favorite) to the way you used the frame, ribbon, papers...I could go on and on! Love it.

  4. Wowzers, Geri! I'm trying to pick my jaw up off the floor right now! I LOVE your projects. They are spectacular, my friend!

  5. Your creations couldn't be any cuter!!! LOVE the frame, it's so adorable for a sweet girl!!

  6. I'm head over heals for these Geri! LOVE the little butterflies with all the layers and sweet assorted papers. Splitting the free digi sentiment up was a fun idea (might just borrow that one!). Splendid projects ;)

  7. OMG Geri!.. Amazing creations! Love every details and soft colors. Thanks for your inspirations.

  8. Dreamy... and yes, you are over-the-top perfectionist.

  9. I know Jillian will love these projects for her birthday! They couldn't be sweeter. The card is beautiful, hope she keeps it! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  10. This matchy-matchy mum winced!! You should see my kids and how they look, unless dad dresses them. The best part is where Emma has learned it and can do a great job matching her own clothes, and she is very particular about whether something matches or not! ;)

    BEAUTIFUL project - and I just LOVE the sentiment... I want to teach my kids that very idea; be yourself, don't be boring and ordinary! I think you did a great job, and I think the card is just perfect to go with it. Just lovely, my friend!

  11. That Jilli sure is one lucky girl to have such a crafty mom to make her these amazing goodies. Your designing ability is just a marvel GF. Love them both! Hugs!

  12. HA! You COULD do the 10 minute challenge, because Paulina highlighted your card!! How fun - we made the list together! :)

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  14. Love these! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!