Got Some Give-away Blues: Sneak Peek #2

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ooo...this is kinda fun...I think I LIKE being sneaky!! I wanted to thank those of you who commented on Sneak Peek #1. Thanks for being excited with me...and for me. It is so nice to know you are excited about what I have to offer...before you even see it!! (Hope there's no disappointment come Sunday!! ;) If you didn't see Sneak Peek #1 and don't know what all the "sneakiness" is all about, click HERE to read more about it!

Anyway as you can second little (it will fit in the palm of your open hand) treasure is all about blues. I took apart a somewhat tattered, vintage table linen and put the trim, which was in very nice condition, to good use to create this embellishment and trim out the rest of the treasure. Yep, she's all dressed up and ready to go to her new owner. And I just can't wait to see who it's gonna be!!! (Can you tell how much fun I'm having creating these treasures for you all?!)

Wish I had more to share, but with my kids home due to an ice storm, and one of them with a nasty virus...these are all I've been able to work on. If you really want to see these on Sunday, you might even say a little prayer that momma doesn't come down with that virus. (Oh, Lordie...what would happen to this house if momma was sick for 3 days!?! Pray hard!!!)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hope you all are healthy and warm!!



  1. What fun, checking in each day to see what you've been up too. So sorry someone is sick!!!! I'll say a little prayer that you don't come down with it. Keep creating, looking forward to the next sneak peek!!!!

  2. Oooh!!! You're being very, very sneaky! I love much as I love those yummy vintage goodies we're getting the little peeks of! I'll be praying hard that the virus misses momma and that it clears from your house entirely! See you again soon!lol...Nancy :o)

  3. LOL I hear ya sister. My daughter's been sick since last week. I think she got two different viruses in a row. Yum, yum! These goodies are lookin' mighty good. :-) Stay warm and well! Hugs!

  4. You are so sneaky!!! They are beautiful!!!

  5. We have poorly people in our house too. I hope your family get better soon. I love the blues and creams this time around in your little peek, Judith xx

  6. I snuck a peek..always love sparkle and layers
    hope all are well and keeping warm

  7. Ah, blue. A favorite color of mine. Even if I did not win, I am loving the photos you are sharing. The close up shots help my creative juices. TFS!

  8. So beautiful and vintage-y. How wonderfully creative you are!

  9. I am praying!! I was sick for days and my son was wonderful. He actually stayed home from school to take care of me...and did an amazing job. Seriously! He checked on me every hour asking me if I needed anything.

    I can't wait to see your treasures. I would love to be the winner. Handmade goodies are THE best. I called my MIL and asked for more quilts. LOL :)