Last Give-away Sneak Peek: Pretty Spring Pinks and Greens

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well, here's the last little peek friends! Tomorrow I'll reveal the 4th project along with the others in their entirety. Next Sunday, I'll announce the winners. Since there won't be an overwhelming amount to draw from...we'll brobably do it the old fashioned way and let my kids help--they'll enjoy that. For those of you supporting each of my "peeks"...well...maybe there should be a little "extra" in it for you...I do appreciate you and hope you have had fun!!
So here it is...

This one has a variety of little embellishments. Some felt ones, a little seam binding rose, and a little velvety ribbon one. The colors make me think of Spring. Can this deep Winter weather last much longer?!? "Why, yes, most certainly can," is probably what you're answering--I guess I asked for it. It is hitting us hard here in middle Indiana. I'm not sure my kids will go to school on Monday. Today we got at least 4" of snow on top of an inch or inch and 1/2 of ice, and Sunday into Monday is supposed to bring another "wintry mix", as the weather man puts it. Yuck!! I am counting my blessings, though...we are all safe and warm, with no power outage--THANK the LORD!! The neighboring city where I do my shopping, only 20 minutes away, was not so fortunate, so I AM thankful!! So thankful for you, too, friends!!

Have a sweet night!


(And by the way...Momma's still standing...and the big guy (big LITTLE guy) got out of bed, watched a little TV on the COUCH, AND ATE today!! Woo HOOO!!)


  1. Oh how pretty the felt flowers look. I still need to try my hand at those too. I'm a mid-morning kind of crafter and working at that time just does not work! Ah! Life just gets in the way sometimes. SO glad you are safe at home. Snow is one thing, but ice is a different kind of beast. Stay safe!

  2. Oh my goodness Geri! They go from gorgeous-est! lol This might even be my favorite sneak peek! Your sweet seam binding rose is adorable!
    Thanks so much for popping in at my blog again! Your comment truly made me smile! :o) So glad that virus is moving on it's way! I'll be back tomorrow!...Nancy :o)

  3. This has been soooo much fun!!! I've found myself checking in to see what you've posted every time I walk past the computer room. I've loved all of your "sneak peeks." This one reminds me that spring IS coming soon. Glad to hear Caleb is feeling better. (and no one else down). Looking forward to tomorrow's posting. Thanks for helping to make the wintry days much brighter!!!

  4. These are beautiful Geri! I wish I had this much patience to make such beautiful fabric flowers. So far I've only tried paper ones. But this makes me want to try using fabric. I watched your video tutorials...but it looks like I have to watch them again until I can make these!!! :)

    ps. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! :)

  5. Girl, I tried your pretty seam binding flowers when you made the tutorial and mine were ugly. I was dissapointed. Yours are beautiful. This color combo is so pretty. I am on pins and needles waiting here. :)

  6. These are truly a soft sweet beauty. Just love each homemade flower, always unique in it self.
    So glad you had this Blogoversary!!! Northern Iowa has been very lucky on this lastest weather also.

  7. These flowers are stunning; I am looking forward to tomorrow...:)

  8. Glad to hear that health wise and safe and warm wise your household is doing well. We're always envious down here on the coast that we don't ever get any snow, but I sure wouldn't want to deal with what you guys in the north are having to put up with.
    This peek is another lovely I can tell. You have such a hand with the vintage look. YUM! Off to see the whole collection. Hugs!

  9. This version looks really pretty Geri! Thanks for visiting my Blog, your comments were so kind! I've been at a Craft Show all day, so my reply is a little late, I know. These colours are really soft and fresh. Judith xx