Jeepers Creepers!! The Critters Have Been Craftin'!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Fall Break here in Clay Co., Indiana and we've had a fun and busy long weekend! Now that things are winding down and the boredom is starting to set in...the critters thought a little crafting was in order. Jillian and friend dug in first and moved on. But Caleb and Jonah thought it was high time for their blog debut...

Here's Jonah ( 7) and his
CREEPY creation.
Nicely done, don't ya think?

And here's Caleb's (11)...
He even embossed!! So what if that ugly carpet in the basement is a little stiff where he was working with the heat tool!! It was all in the name of good crafty love!!

I'm so thankful for my crafty critters!! We've had a great weekend! Hope you have, too!!
If you have any comments for the boys, they would love to hear from you!!


  1. Saw these "cute" kids and I thought, I know them, don't I?? Your cards were terrific but I've seen some of your handiwork before. Keep up the creative work, someday you will have your own blogspot. Hugs!!

  2. How sweet! My son loves to get in here with me and create too. I love that they will do that instead of games on TV or computer. :)

  3. No surprise you guys are such good card crafters with such a creative mamma. The cards look great and what a fun thing to do on your fall break!