Creating Again...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello, all! It's been about a year since I posted...WOW!!!  Obviously, life with 3 growing kids has totally taken over any potential free time. I'm currently telling myself I deserve a little break, though, as I'm experiencing what I'm sure is a very brief lull in all the action of daily life. So I very intentionally set aside a few minutes last week...out of play along and create with a favorite person/card-maker, Mellisa, and her recent MIM challenge...

I used to love doing this technique...especially in the fall with PTI's Leaf Prints...they were always the perfect images to mix all those pretty fall colors together with...and it just seemed to come so naturally! But I think I've lost my touch...I've thrown one-too-many water color panels in the trash this week!!!  At long last I did come up with something I was happy with...

...with Heart Prints...another tried and true set!
Awhile back I had time to make a couple couple cards using Melissa's 'Choose Joy' set.  Thought I would share those since it could be another year before I post again!...

I absolutely adore the sentiments in this set and paired them with some delicate MFT blossoms and leaves...
This last one was was a graduation card this spring...thought the sentiment was absolutely perfect for the occasion!
OK...time marches on!  I would like to think I'll have time to join in on a couple of the SAF challenges at PTI before Tuesday, but I don't's very 'if-y';)
Thank you, Melissa for sharing your lovely heart, talent and inspiration week after week!
And thanks to any visitors popping by!!!


  1. We've missed you Geri! Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Enjoy all the time with your kids...and I hope you do get a lull here and there to share your talent with us!

  2. beautiful cards Geri - and i'm so pleased to see you back - i noticed your comment on Lynn's blog and thought i'd check and see if it was you back again - hope to see more or your lovely cards in the future - am going to be checking in on you thru Bloglovin"

  3. Boy have I missed seeing your beautiful work. This post was a true breath of fresh air. I'm totally with you on the busy life. Not much time for card making these days. Glad to see you creating again even if it's only short-lived. Big hugs!

  4. I was SOOO excited to see a new post from Paper Wishes! Your work is always so dreamy! I "pin" all of your work so I can't forget to be inspired by you!! (My sister's name is Geri...)

    1. Thank you so much!!! Tried to find you for a proper thank you...hope this works!!! I appreciate your visit and support!!!

  5. I'm joining the others to say 'welcome home' Geri! OH you have not lost one bit of your magical touch! Gorgeous cards, and I agree that the sentiments are so wonderful! Wishing I had this set! Take care ... and we'll welcome you back anytime at all! xx

  6. So happy to see your posts today. I love your work. Hope to see a lot more of it.

  7. I am so excited to see you making a post..your cards are truly beautiful. I love the technique with the 3 hearts so much. The Choose Joy is on my bucket list. If you like to read and get the chance there is a book "Choose Joy"...the author Sara Frankl who wrote it while she was dying. Her mother and aunt are good friends and live close by. It's a story about living. Enjoy ALL the time you can with your children, summers go so fast and once they leave home your chances are less and less time. My 6 grands will be here within the next week. So we will be having fun. Keep us posted !!! Have missed you.

  8. Dearest blog friend, it is so exciting to find your post waiting for me in my email. Two or three days ago, I was thinking about just dropping you an email to let you know you've been on my mind.

    Your MIM card is drop dead gorgeous, and this is an extra special take on Melissa's spritzing technique. That second card is a brilliant use of the three stamp sets together, and I ALWAYS love your color palettes. That's a lucky graduate getting that keepsake.

    You have definitely not lost that amazing artistic sensibility, but if I had to guess, you have been living your very busy life, very creatively. As I've shared with you before, I too struggle with how to allocate artistic time. Blogging, done as graciously as you do it, requires no trifling bit of time and energy. That's one of the reasons you are so special to all of us. You will continue to be in all our hearts just because you're you.

    I hope all has been well, other than the very difficult weather your state has been enduring. The middle of our country seems to be catching the worst of it, and here in the Boston area, we're more responsible for causing the extreme heat, and it seems we suffer the least of the consequences, although this summer we are doing without the rain - less than an inch in the last three months. My once beautiful garden is a thing of the past. We all owe a huge debt to the folks who farm this country. They don't just give up when the plants don't thrive.

    Enjoy the month left with your precious children before school begins, and fall and cooler weather will be here soon with all it's wonderful holidays.

    Love, Marcie (aka Artistic Hen)

  9. Hello sweet Geri!! I've missed your beautiful works of art. What a treat to see not one, but three lovely cards from you! I'm crushing on gold lately and love it so much on a card. Your hearts are soft and delicate, such pretty card. The last two are perfectly charming. What a sweet stamp set and sentiments. Enjoy your children, they leave the nest in a blink of an eye! HUGS ;)

  10. So glad to see you creating again! I just love what you've done with Choose Joy...I just got that set this year and am like you, just love the sentiments. I love the way you've framed them with the florals.

  11. Oh, my!! These are all so gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Hello they stranger!!!! We've missed you!!!!! I hope life is treating you well and your having a great summer!! Your cards are stunning!!!

  13. Look who's back! Congratulations on your well-deserved shout out over at PTI in the newsletter. Way to make a grand comeback 😉 Happy summer.

  14. Gorgeous cards!! Hope to see more cards soon on your blog!

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