~School's Out…School's Out!!!~

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello friends!  So nice to be back on this ole blog!  It's been more than a month since I posted…YIKES!!!  Having had to step away for awhile, I had the chance to realize just how much time I was spending here...which was way too much!  While I'm making it a priority to change that, it sure is nice to be back, and I sure have enjoyed having a little crafting time since school's been out.
I have several cards to share.  Hope you don't mind, but I feel that posting several at one time saves me posting time and saves you visiting time!!!;)  The first is a card for the mid-way point of the current Festive Friday challenge

Sweet inspiration, isn't it?
Here's my card...

I used a mix of Papertrey and WPlus9 there.  You still have time to get in on this challenge!

Next is the card I made for the last challenge that I never had a chance to post.
The poinsettia was cut with my Cricut.

I needed a few graduation cards for some kids at church, so this is what I came up with using some Papertrey goodies...

Finally, just a fun summery card.  (I was itchin' to stamp some flowers!;)

Those blooms are from Papertrey, and the sentiment from Avery Elle! I would like to link up my inspiration for this card, but my computer is not cooperating.  I'll try again later tonight!
(Added:  Here's Heather's card!)
I won't keep you, but I thank you so much for stopping in today…hope you've enjoyed your visit!


  1. Welcome back Geri!!! You can post as many cards as you want to , they are all beautiful!! I adore you FF card, just perfect. And don't get me started on that poinsettia!! Terrific grad cards too. Hope you're doing well and enjoying your crafty time once again ~ HUGS!!

  2. Oh, Geri!! It does my heart GOOD to see your beautiful card creations again! You are just amazing, my friend! I am in awe of all your cards and all your talent! Gorgeous holiday cards...both of them! The one is rustic elegance, and the other is elegant elegance! ;) Love that graduation design! Again, so elegant and classic, and perfect for either gender. And loving your combo of flowers and stripes, too. Sigh...pure perfection!

  3. I can feel your relief! Good idea to put a few cards in one post to save yourself time... And more for us to enjoy! I keep thinking when I come here how your style is evolving which I'm thinking is born from being busy -I can relate! But I love what you've been creating when you get the chance and I love being able to visit you! <3

  4. love all your cards - each one is a work of art!!

  5. Yes, it's not talked about often, but 'blog malaise' is a fact of life - no matter how gifted the blogger may be. That's why signing up for a email delivery from a favorite blogger is so wonderful. These cards, like all of yours, should never be missed!

    Your sense of elegance is so refined at this point, than even your cute cards are elegant. Your compositions and color sense are spot on and I'm really grooving to your fabulous use of gold and silver.

    Back to blog fatigue, there are a few strategies I've noticed that some of my blog friends have incorporated. Not having a lengthy word post is a plus. (I do not follow that fine lead, and can not make my self shush-up, even though the words part is not my forte. I bet most folks do not read it, unless you are revealing a novel way of executing a project.)

    Also, you have been so generous with your comments, that you've spent more time than you had on these. As blogdom becomes more crowded with inspiration, commenting can become overwhelming. I now try to take times when I must be quiet, and use that time to tell folks what their sharing means to me. This is not my favorite schedule of commenting, but it does help limit feeling buried. If you post one of your creations, you may be sure that we are coming to see your genius, even if it must be comment free. You are unmissable!

    And lastly, I recently, I decided that I would spend time making whatever I wanted without linking to anyone (or posting). These breaks really help recharge the battery - creativity for it's own sake, even if no one is watching.

    You are a fabulous talent and heart in this world, and even when we don't hear from you for a while, we all know that the magic called 'Geri' is being liberally sprinkled about the universe. Thank you for sharing just a bit of your magic through this blog.

  6. I keep it short .... I apologise on forehand but my schedule is filled to the brim. Good to see you again and your cards me sigh and stare...You are very talented and I always enjoy being here!

  7. You hope we enjoyed the visit????? Are you kidding? Visiting here is NEVER a hardship or disappointment. I mean just look at these beauties. I tell ya, trying to find a time balance is tough. Obviously I don't visit in a timely fashion. LOL. We just have to do what feels right to meet the other needs and wants in our lives. I'll be here for one post or twenty. Hugs!

  8. Wonderful cards! You have been missed! I love these, especially the first. The layered stamping plus the die cuts, there is so much depth, enjoy the extra time you have this summer!

  9. I know what you's time consuming but so much fun! Its great to se you can your awesome cards Geri! I hope you have a great summer!

  10. Geri each card is so special - with your unique touch. I can identify with all you said so much and will enjoy looking at your cards whenever you post. Hugs!