~Happy Birthday, Maria!!!~

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello, and Happy Sunday to you all!
So glad you could stop in as we welcome another member into
the elite Fab 50 club.  My sweet and oh, so creative and talented friend, Maria
is turning 50 today, and a little party is being thrown in her honor.  This
past week sneaky notes have been passed, and hands have been busy
as friends have all tried to come up with cards worthy of this special occasion.
No easy task here, as Maria is one of THE most creative card makers I know, and
each one of her creations is a treat and absolute breath of fresh air.
How to match that creativity…I do not know…And, Maria,…
I know my card falls short as I've found myself back to work with little crafting time...

HAD to find time for this party, though, and I hope this bold and bright (which makes me think of you!;) card will do!  You are a jewel, and I'm so happy we've become
acquainted through blogging.  I do hope your time in the States with your family
has been enjoyable and memories have been made that you'll take back home and treasure!
Happy Birthday, my friend!!!
For those of you who know Maria and would like to join the festivities,  
the party is taking place over on Shirley Bampton's blog.
And for those of you wishing you could be inducted into this special and elite group
of women…
Your day will come…Your day will come!
Thanks so much for stopping in!


  1. Don't sell yourself short here Geri, because this card is FABULOUS! The candles are amazing - gorgeous colors! Did you mask them? Love the glam in the gold & silver embossed sentiments! So festive and so perfect for wishing a dear friend a happy day!

  2. Oh who doesn't love sparkle, this is so fabulous Geri! Maria will love this.

  3. This card is fabulous!!! Maria is going to love it!!!

  4. What a fun design - love all those candles, Geri!

  5. Oh my goodness...all the masking of the candles is incredible and I love the dies. Fabulous!

  6. This is wonderful! I love all the candles and the masking!

  7. Love the way you masked and grouped your candles Geri! This is a delight and I'm sure Maria loved it!

  8. Ha, my day's been and gone!! Love those colourful candles and how you've done the sentiment - fab card! Thanks so much for linking up :)

  9. What an excellent the design!

  10. Oh, this is fabulous, Geri! So fun!

  11. Such fabulous shimmer and glittery-ness and shine, Geri ... and what a wonderful colour palette for all those candles! Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving me some sweet words ... it's much appreciated! Anita :)

  12. This is a stunning card! Love the bold colors and glitter!

  13. Awww, what a gorgeous birthday card, Geri! I LOVE your design! So fun to have everything at an angle. LOVE all those candles!

  14. Fell short?? Are you kidding! All those stamped candles and your touch of glitter...Fabulous! Hugs!

  15. Gorgeous card, she will love it! ~Diane

  16. What Gorgeous card Geri!!! Love all the shimmering :)

  17. Well that is one heckuva party on a card and someone better call the fire department! Geesh, for a gal with no time you sure got A LOTTA candles on that cake. And gold and silver and shine and sparkle. Thanks, girlfriend. Thanks for taking the time and joining my party. Maybe one day we can have a real one somewhere in the Midwest!