Creations from the heart...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!  Wanted to post a few Valentine cards I made before this special day ended...

This first one was inspired by one of Ashley Canon Newell's creations for Papertrey Ink.  Her card was posted as a favorite of hers and has always been a favorite of mine.  I loved the original layered banners and tags on Ashley's card and how they gave the feel of little trinkets.  I gave mine a heart theme...

...and used some of Crate Paper's '14' collection.  This next one was so simple because of a Sizzix embossing folder...

...I adorned the embossed panel with PTI's LL Heart dies.  Probably could have gone crazy with some pearls on it...just didn't think it needed it!  This last one was for hubby...

...simple, sweet and true!  And...last night felt a little like Christmas Eve...I was busy wrapping little Valentine treats until very late, and even decorated my small tree for Valentine's day after the kids went to bed.  Didn't invest a lot in was a first, and I wasn't sure just how far things would go...

 ...but I was able to stretch what I had to make it work.  (Excuse the bare mantle!) The kids were pleased with it when they woke up, and while last night's photo doesn't really show turned out so pretty!  I love it!  I'll make some minor changes to it to usher in spring and Easter, and then we'll finally put it away for the summer.   
So I guess that's it from me today!  I'll be back tomorrow with Festive Friday and Precious Remembrance posts!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Geri these are OUT of this world! I love banners and this layered one of yours is simply darling ~ cute little charm. Your second card may have been easy with the Sizzix but it's STUNNING, glory be!!! And the last for your hubby is perfect. The cute little sparkly heart on the heart shaped world map is too cute. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Adorable way to keep that Christmas tree going!!

    I love all the cards - I have barely managed to touch my Fourteen supplies - haven't been crafting much in a couple of weeks. MISSING it!!

    I think you did a great job with Ashley's card - and I love them all, I can't really even pick a favourite!

  3. Such a fab way to keep the tree alive:) Geri this is such a brilliant idea and it looks wonderful! And the samoe goes for your cards; I have a place in my heart for banners and that stunning "heart"card you made!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Geri!! I love your cards as always your style is fabulous!!! Love the tree too!!

  5. Oh, Geri! It's always such a treat to visit your blog! Your cards are beautiful! I must say that your tree is fabulous! What a brilliant idea to have a Valentine tree! :o)

  6. LOVE your tree, Geri! It looks beautiful, and I love the idea of adapting it to spring next. And wanted to tell you how much I adore that 2nd embossed card.....must go on the hunt for that embossing is gorgeous!

  7. Happy Valentines Day to You and Yours. Your tree is lovely. I always enjoy the twinkling lights. I always watch for after sales for the red hearts (I love mercury glass) as I have a tall narrow tree with only a few big red hearts for this time of year. Watching for some bright pastel for spring.
    Geri each one of your cards are lovely. I love the little banner card and its fun layers. I love embossed cards too and I should make a lot more of them, just to have on hand. Enjoy the weekend

  8. I'm swooning ~ the card you've made that was inspired by Ashley's (which was also one of my faves) is sooo lovely! I can't wait to use the additional inspiration to attempt something of my own. Thanks for bringing some extra beauty to my morning!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!! I've been busy and haven't gotten on to see your blog in a few days. I knew you would have something special on today. I enjoyed all of your cards, as always! Cute little hanger! Your tree turned out so pretty!! Hope you had time to sit down and enjoy it!!!!

  10. Each and every one is a unique treasure. You are the composition queen my friend. :-) Hugs!