Crafty Secrets' June Linky Party...Sweet Treats...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello, all!  Back from vacation and doing my best to catch up!  Just posting some treats I made for some special staff members at my kids' school for their last day (before vacation!...when I really should have been packing!!)  I used papers from my new Crafty Secrets CD.  It was fun mixing and matching these pretty papers...

Yes...these are the little TP roll pockets...doesn't get much easier...

They're just full of chocolates (with the little daisy tucked in, of course)...(the black papers on these two aren't from the CD)...

Each one a little different...

It would have been nice to top each one off with some tissue paper fringe trim, but I didn't have any made up, and didn't have time to create any :(...

Oh, well...they were sweet without it, too...

If you have any Crafty Secrets goodies...there's still time to create something and link up for a chance to win a SWEET gift certificate!  Thanks so much, Crafty Secrets, for the opportunity...and to everyone else for your visit!! I have a couple "Jamaica Inspired" cards running through my head...I'd like to say I'll get those done and share some pic's next week...but this summer schedule...I don't know...;)



  1. Oh, Geri! What a fabulous basket of lusciousness! They are gorgeous! I love the beautiful laces and the fun pom-pom trims! The papers are all so pretty! I don't have ANY Crafty Secrets goodies at all but I've been a huge fan of all of their products for years. They are impossible to find anywhere in my area, and none of my online shops carry them either! :o( I will track some down one day. In the meantime I will enjoy their goodness through you! Have a fabulous weekend! :o)

  2. Gosh, these are soo adorable!!!!!

  3. Oh, did you LOVE Jamaica? I always wanted to go somewhere that had that beautiful turquoise water, because our ocean is much more green or blue - not that tropical beauty. I figured when we got there I'd be disappointed by how much it had been altered in the photos I'd always seen, but NO... it really looked that beautiful!!! I want to go back to the Carribean someday, I just loved it.

    You're nuts - this journal is STUNNING, I don't know why you think it needed anything more!!

    Do you find yourself saving every toilet paper roll now? My hubby thinks I am nuts! I LOVE these - yours are just beautiful!! I got my first Crafty Secrets stamps yesterday (imagine my delight when I got to my mailbox - they were tucked behind your package!), so I hope to link up this month if I can get something created soon! It's a local company to me, I am so happy to support them.

    Beautiful, my friend, I am sure all the teachers just loved them!!

  4. Hi Geri! I stopped by your blog to thank you for visiting me today and commenting on my Crafty Secrets project. Then, when I saw your toilet paper rolls, I had to smile. I've also been working on some of these today. I'm making them as party favors for a freind's wedding shower in August. Lots to make, so lots of work involved. Her colors are deep purple and gold. They're very pretty, but I can't decide what to tuck inside.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I wish I was computer saavy enough to have posted a link to that Michael W. Smith song, but I'm not. It's a great song. I appreciate your visit, and would LOVE to become your follower (if you don't mind), and would also LOVE having YOU as a follower on my blog. It seems that we have some similar ideas going, and hopefully we can inspire one another. I hope to see you soon.
    Karen L

    P.S. This darling favors would be a welcome addition to my challenge blog, Word Art Wednesday. It's double prize week, and I would LOVE to have you play along.

  5. Hi Geri! We missed you! How was your trip? Pictures lol ? Aren't these TP rolls the sweetest!! I went to my LSS and they had some made into a mini album, which I've started , but need to finish! I just love yours sweetie, there so cute!!

  6. Well hello vacationer! LOL Hope you had lots of fun in the sun. :-) I can see why you might have had a hard time putting these down when you were supposed to be packing. They look quite addictive and are honestly the best dressed TP rolls I've ever seen. LOL Can't wait to see your Jamaican inspired projects. Big hugs!

  7. Hi Geri, These gift pockets you made from toilet paper rolls are all amazing and you did a fabulous job matching up different papers from CD #1. Each one is wonderful! Thanks for playing and posting in our Linky Party and good luck!

  8. Hope your vacation was wonderful..I too have been gone, son graduated from Command and Staffing College with the US ARMY. We went to Kansas for graduation and had a wonderful time. Hard to catch up...need to do many blog postings on my ATC's Your little treasures are all adorable. Great idea and could be used for so many events. Thanks for sharing, enjoy summer!!!

  9. TP rolls. How fab. And they are so adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Hi!!

    The ink I use is Smokey Gray VersaFine... it really is the perfect grey! Now if only PTI would release a cardstock on that colour....

  11. Oh, these are so, so sweet! Just precious!