Oopsie...Halloween goodies...a day late!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Belated Halloween greetings from the critters and me!! Said I would get this done yesterday, but I lied...another busy day! Sorry to post these goodies the day after, but maybe there will be a little somethin' here to inspire ya...we'll see...
This was this month's nursing home card made with images from this Etsy shop, and stamps from Papertrey's "Embellishments" set...
...a little fussier than usual for the residents, but ALL the little parts and pieces were prepared ahead of time and they really enjoyed it! (They love all things festive!) The little panel at the bottom (pink and orange) was adhered ahead of time, and we built it all from there. We also put a little jewel by the "Hello" sentiment. I almost forgot it at the nursing home, but they wouldn't allow it!! ("Where's our little jewel!!") LOL! Here are the other images they had to choose from. (Since the cards are designed the same--it was nice that they got to choose the image that would make the card "their own".)
There were two more images that were horizontal, not shown--8 in all for $2.50 for the download. I know I have to keep in mind the ink used to print them--but all in all, this works out great for these cards for the nursing home. I'm thinking of using similar images for Thanksgiving. (Oh my gosh--we make that next WEEK! Better get busy!)
Next are some cards modified just a little, with some of the extra images...
These were used for teachers, and I made a couple more treat bags similar to Sunday's here, with one of the horizontal images I couldn't use on the cards.
These two went to the school media specialist and her assistant. My kids love 'em, and I figure they're often overlooked at the holidays. The report is that they were tickled pink!

This card was made a little dressier with an image from the same set, and went to the next-door neighbor who lives alone now...
Here is a birthday card for Grandma. Camera issues kept me from getting it in on Papertrey's monthly blog hop with stuffed fabric pumkins in colors of fresh greens and oranges in the inspiration photo...thus, my fabric leaves from Papertrey's leaf dies...
Finally, some clips from Hobby Lobby that I painted cream and added little bits of ribbon to. I use these on the glassine bags I deliver my cards in...
Love the way the bag gives a sneak peek as to what's inside. I would love to hear how YOU package YOUR treasures for delivery! For this post...the card is often the packaging has to be quick and easy! LOL!
Thanks for stopping in! Love hearing from you!! Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. What?! You mean halloween is over? can't be November already? I don't mind pretending it's not, if you don't! lol It sounds like things are going wonderful at the nursing's such a lovely card! As usual, all your other projects are absolutely GORGEOUS as well! Fabulous post, my friend! Can't wait to see what you do in November! ;o)

  2. Oh you made my day!!Another sweet post from a truly busy gal. Doing all the right things with helping people have fun. Love the photo of your Halloween kids!!! The sweetness in your post, just reflects the goodness in your heart. Each one of these little treasures is filled with fun and love. Your designs are so soft and natural. Thanks for posting this for all of us, always a treat to see all the little tidbits you come up with. Keep having fun, time keeps marching on.

  3. Every time I visit here I fall in love again. These cards are gorgeous! Each has it's own personality and makes me wishing for more. You are so sweet to share your talents with us and with those at the nursing home. I would be THRILLED if you walked in my door and I'm sure they are absolutely smitten with you.

    I've never ordered images to print and you have me thinking I should! I'm not sure my printer is up to the task. Your images look wonderfully colored and crisp. Beautiful.

    Sorry about the "missing post" on my blog last night. For some reason, it posted early and the blog hope wasn't ready to go. I hope I didn't cause too much commotion for you! (hugs)

  4. Love the cards...and the kids look just great in their costumes!

  5. Okay, that's just not right! Halloween cards are NOT supposed to be beautiful! LOL What a jam packed post of goodies. You are amazing girl!

  6. Geri, everything here is just beautiful!! I love all those cards; the vintage images are perfect. I have to use these next year - I saw them this year, but didn't really get around to using them!!

    I think I am going to put some of the glassine bags on my next order - some of my cards really are getting too bulky for envies!