...some pretties...for you, friends!

Monday, August 15, 2011

No challenges today! Just catching up on sharing some things that, for some reason or another hadn't been shared before now... this one...with an image from Heartsong Designs. My friend, Leah, (who just might be on her way home with her new baby boy AS WE SPEAK--an answered prayer!!) asked me to dress up one of her images. I did my best, but you all know, I'm not a color-er and have little to color with. So I used the only pencils I had, and kept it soft. I had waited around for a pretty challenge to put it in but nothing seemed to fit...
Wanted to post it before the light and airy colors of summer were a thing of the past. (Thank you, Leah, for sharing with me!)
And speaking of light and's another one of those...

...a birthday card for a little church friend...with pretty girly papers from HERE (just LOVED them!)
And another card for the nursing home...

Again, I try to keep these simple (I pre-cut everything). It's hard not to incorporate ribbons and bows, but I thought that could be complicated for many of the residents and make the cards less mail-able. I got to hear stories of how their first cards were received, and how the recipients were so surprised to receive a handmade card. Music to my ears!

Finally, a birthday card for my dear friend, go with her watering can...
Realized when I looked at this photo that I needed to add a little tag under the bow...
...there...NOW it's done!
Thanks so much for stopping in! Hope you're having a great, crafty day!!


  1. *gasp* lol Oh Geri! They're all just so LOVELY!! So soft and pretty and LOVELY! :o) I love the bingo card on the Emma card! Someone recently asked me what on earth to do with a bingo card! I said you can put them on anything and everything...and you did it so beautifully! I had to take a close-up look at each card because you have such incredible detail to admire! Thank you so much for another round of great inspiration!...Nancy :o)

  2. Such pretty pretty cards! You have a great ability to make busy cards beautiful!

  3. I can only sit and stare:) Your cards are priceless. Filled to the brim with beauty; you're so talented!

  4. They are all beautiful! Love all the shabby details. I think the light pencil coloring is perfect for the softness of the card. :)

  5. These are all beautiful Geri! For not having anything to color with and not being a colorer, you sure did a might fine job. :-) Hugs!

  6. Wait a minute, I need to take in some air because these cards took my breath away!!!!
    So gorgeous, all of them!!!!

  7. I love your cards :) You`ve got such a soft style that I admire so much. When I`m grown I hope I can craft like you ;)