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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello, dear blogging friends! No big challenges I'm entering today...just a simple 'hello' to share, along with a few things I have been working on in a few spare minutes here and there. This first one is the card I'll be making with some ladies at a local nursing home this Thursday. Very clean and VERY simple...

...kind of pretty, I hope! I've added several different colors to some creme K&Co flowers, so the ladies will do the simple stamping, and choose what color of flower they would like to add. A letter writing activity was already planned for them on Thursday, so we'll make this card, and they will add their note/letter to the card, instead of just writing a letter. I was hoping I could go once a week to make a card with them, but after talking with the Activities Director, it sounds like the residents are easily overwhelmed with planned activities like these. I'll have to admit, I was very surprised at that, and somewhat disappointed. But we will enjoy this kids are excited, and a little neighbor friend has already asked if she can go, too...and we'll see what the future brings. There is another nursing home in town I haven't talked to yet.

I have a few peeks at another project I'm working on that I will post when it is completed (which will have to be soon, because it's already late!!)...

It's a girl thing, as you can see...

I just love pink and yellow together...

And lastly, a card I did quite some time ago but hadn't posted yet...

Nothing super special...just messing around with lace and Papertrey dies. Wasn't happy with this flower, though...too neat and tidy. I'll be folding the layers of the next one for a little shabbier look. Soft colors...

I know...I really need to take a break with the doilies, huh! Oh, well...can't make any promises!!!

Hope you are enjoying your day!
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  1. Love the simple card you will be sharing with those at the nursing home. I think once you show what you are going to do, they might change to having you come more often during the month. Love peeks at your sugar and spice girly project. And I love the last card. Your doily flower is pretty! All those layers look beautiful. We are just too use to the fluff and puff versions.

  2. YAY Geri! I was going to email you and ask when you're headed to the nursing I know! The card you're making with them is really lovely! Maybe they'll enjoy it so much they'll want to do more and more! The sneak peek is super sweet! The last card is very pretty and the flower makes me very happy! Sometime some of us need to see neat and tidy and the end of our day! lol Thanks for a beautiful post, my friend! :o)

  3. Your "simple" card is just beautiful and I love the lace flower, too neat or not! LOL I'm not complaining about the doilies either. :-) Beautiful cards Geri and I can't wait to see the rest of the girly project. Hugs!

  4. Geri I never ever get tired of doilies; so please...use them whenever you want. And you use them so well :)
    I love the card for the nursery home but I can also imagine that you were a bit disappointed after you talked to the Activity Director. But still; I hope you have lots of fun. Your design for the card they can create is beautiful.
    I can hardly wait to see more pictures of your unfinished projects and your last card.......soooooooo gorgeous. A piece of heaven; love it!