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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello, friends! A bit of a last minute entry today. I really had no confidence to try this challenge from Embellish when I first saw it, and had pretty-much written it off. Take a look at this inspiration board, and take a guess as to why... If you happened to guess that the masculine theme would be somewhat scary for me, you guessed right. I pink?? flowers?? I just don't get a lot of practice at the whole masculine thing, and my stamp sets really show it...I have very, very few images that lend themselves to "masculinity". So I really thought I would just pass this challenge up. But then...I started thinkin' in the shower...and thinkin' some more in the van...had a few little ideas in my head...and decided to go ahead and give it a try. Thank goodness I picked up this little airplane from Papertrey at CHA last summer ($5, I think!!). I've already used it in one Embellish challenge, so I had to think of a way to switch it up...

I colored it mostly with pencils. (Coloring is another thing I get little practice with, and have little to work with) Then I just tried to think of ways to add dimension, and texture, and interest...and this is what I came up with...

I was kinda proud of my homemade embossing/impression plate for the sky/front...that was an attempt to add texture...but by the time I cut out the opening for the plane...there isn't much of it left to see. The little clouds are from a really loosely woven fabric. I started out with creme burlap but it was too bulky...amazing the difference the more delicate fabric made! The colorful strip at the bottom (to mix up the blue, green, red colors) was stamped on a diagonal with little images from a few different sets. I kinda like how that added color and pulled everything together. I needed a bigger sentiment than what came with the plane, so I did my own on the computer, cut the little banner strip, folded the end and strung some twine through as if it could be pulled by the plane.

So glad I "took the bull by the horns"! I kinda like how this little card, very much out of my comfort zone, turned out. Hope you like it, too!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun making all those different parts and pieces. The card is wonderful and you should be happy and proud of what all that thinking produced. {grin} Hugs Geri!

  2. It is so perfect! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Great job on the masculine card. Those are always hard for me too. Although I am pretty happy with the card I made for my brother's B-Day. I will post it one day soon. :)

  4. Your attempt for a masculine card worked out so well :)!! There is so much to see and sigh; from the colorful strip to the lovely clouds. And your coloring skills are great! It's a gorgeous masculine card and a wonderful take on the challenge!

  5. I'm so glad you did play along!! This is freaking fantastic. You did some good thinking to come up with this perfect card!! Thank you so much for playing along in the Embellish Challenge.

  6. This card is too cute! love your embossing and that plane!

  7. Oh Geri! It's just wonderful! I think you and I both need to do some more shopping! lol I had a challenge to do and needed "boy" supplies. I had one thing in my stash...ONE!! haha Oh well, I guess that's why they're called "challenges", right? Have a happy day!...Nancy :o)