Happy Birthday, Jilli-bean!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We celebrated Jillian's birthday last week--what a whirlwind week! She's been marking the days off on her calendar since the first day of the month, and I don't think she was a bit disappointed...

We didn't do a big "friend party" thing, but she did have neighbor friends over to play for the evening and to witness the blowing of the candles on the cake...which I DIDN'T MAKE!! I won't say which grocery store did...but I will say...I KNOW my mother, who was a cake decorator for as long as I can remember, was looking down down from Heaven saying, "Don't you dare buy that cake!! DON'T DO IT!!"
I was cringing myself...but the girls didn't care!

And we can't forget the DQ ice cream cake with more friends and family! (Darn those leftovers!)

I made these little treats for the friends who visited on the special day ...

They were made with MME Quite Contrary papers that I picked up a CHA. I also made my FIRST (don't laugh) trip to Archivers (Yes, you're right, I don't get out much.) a couple weeks ago. It was DREAMY, and I got these chipboard frames with alphabet letters from Tattered Angels that I've been seeing on everyone's projects on the internet. I didn't realize they came with letters, which I really didn't care about. And, obviously, there were way more in the package than I would have expected or needed...but I bought 'em anyway!! (They were on my "must have" list.) They ended up being the perfect way to personalize these little mini composition books from Walmart.
The girls were very pleased to have a pretty little somethin' to take home. Lots of happy campers...including my little Jilli-bean!!
Thanks for stopping by to visit!
Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Geri! That cake looks yummy! It looks like the girls had a great time! The books you made are adorable! What a great idea!...Nancy :o)