Hellooooo, strangers...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(I guess I'M the stranger here!!) But, finally...some time to create!  I just survived our busiest time of summer and the older I get...the more victorious I feel in saying it!  We had lots of people in for the 4th...always busy preparing inside and out for that.  And when I wasn't knee-deep in those preparations, I was chest-high in Bible School preparations and decorating.  I was so tired by the time it the end of the first day, I was already thinking...'is it Friday yet?'  And of all things, this year...I was the game girl!!  The game girl!?!  I think I'm too old for THAT, too!!  And what I know is that I'm too old to be pretending to be an ox, pulling preschoolers around in laundry basket carts to build their cardboard box palace!!  (and who had THAT bright idea?!?)  I DID survive though, and now feel like I have all the time in the world!!!  It was so nice to pull out my stamps and papers and make some time for creating!  At the top of the list was the Craft's Meow July Sketch Challenge...

I had already experimented with this little chipboard owl using the Owl Journaling set, and thought I could work him in to this sketch just fine.  He's hanging on to a couple of Owl Journaling banners with some snipped up sentiments from Vintage Rides...

The papers are some soft pretty ones from My Mind's Eye...

And I guess that's it.  I have another one in the works that's way more clean and simple...(and maybe a stretch of the sketch...I don't know...) stay tuned! I'll leave you with a picture of my little Jilli-bean dancing in the rain in her night-y.  First rain all summer...we had to celebrate!  It wasn't enough...but we didn't complain!!

Have a great day!! And thanks so much for stopping in!!


  1. Hokey Dinah! That first paragraph you wrote plum EXHAUSTED me!! First thing you need to do is change the rules of that game so those little kiddlings are hauling YOU around in the laundry basket!! What WERE you thinking? haha
    However, I was totally rejuvenated by your gorgeous card and that sweet little owl! How adorable is he? Beautiful work, Geri! I look forward to seeing more soon!...Nancy :o)
    (I love the wonderful rain dance photo too!)

  2. what a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet owl! I know what you mean...I had 4 boys for a week...eating, making messes, eating again.....and so forth! Now i am down to one! rofl, cherry

  3. WOW! After all you've accomplished over the past few weeks, you deserve to feel victorious! LOVE your owl! And, am so glad to see you were able to fit a little creating in for us!
    {Adorable picture of your daughter dancing in the rain!}

  4. Ha! That opening paragraph is a winner – and so is that bow!

  5. Oh WOW this is awesome! LOVE the dimension and colors!

  6. Oh, I LOVE it!!! He's adorable!

    You sound as busy as I feel... isn't summer supposed to be lazy and relaxing!?

  7. Geri - so glad you survived and can relax now...the laundry basket story cracked me up!!! You need to get some high school kids in to do that! LOL! :)

    My nickname is Jillybean too! My family has called me that since I was a child! Your sweet Jilli-bean looks like she was enjoying the rain! We have so much here in Seattle that we just crave the sun - alas none today...rain and clouds again but it is all good. Your card is so lovely - love the owl! Did you make it from a die cut and sew on it? It is precious! I love it and all the soft colors! :)

  8. I'm glad she enjoyed the rain. :-) We've been getting quite a bit(brought on by the extreme) heat. We had a pretty bad lightening storm last night. Popped something real close and made me jump. LOL
    I know exactly what you mean about VBS. Our week hasn't even started and I'm already looking forward to that Friday. :-) One of the teachers is having carpel tunnel surgery so I inherited a second class to teach. groan.....
    On to a brighter note, your little owl just makes me smile he's so cute. I love all the softness. I just need all the calm and peaceful I can get right now. Hugs!

  9. Its GREAT to see you back with some beautiful eye candy !! LOVE your creativity girlie!!!

  10. My your schedule does sound a bit too busy but you survived:). Your owl is a cutie; I love the design and colors. And rain? Good to hear you needed some and that enjoyed it but we had too much rain; yikes! Hardly summer here...

  11. Gasp! Wow, this card is nothing short of amazing! Love the use of the banners here and the stitching around the sweet owl. So glad that you were able to find some time in your busy schedule to create a project for The Craft's Meow Sketch Challenge!

  12. I bet you made a fabulous ox, Geri! ;) Love, love, love this card! sweet papers, fabulous design.....I could just give that little owl a great big squeeze!

  13. Oh've been busy:)

    I absolutely adore your card!!!!

  14. EEEEK!! I love love love love this! The stitching around the sweet owl is nothing but perfect and those little flags?? Just adorable! You are rockin' this sketch and I LOVE it!

    1. And the photo of your daughter is precious!