Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey, everyone!!!  Won't keep you long!  There's a card up at Precious Remembrance...

...using the new ~New Day~ set!  Take a look, if you like, and BE SURE to have a
WONDERFUL Easter weekend!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

~It's a new day!!! {New Precious Remembrance Release}~

Hey, everyone!!!  So happy to be here with you today!  This is the first chance I've had to craft since taking my new job...and it sure felt good to take a little crafty break!  So, thanks so much for dropping in!  I'm sharing a project from a new Precious Remembrance set called 'New Day'...

Love it!...It's so {positive}!!!  I've used my favorite sentiment from the set...

Isn't that sweet?  (Makes me think of my little girl;)  Here's the card...

...bright and cheery, just like the set...and super simple to make!  I stamped and cut the sentiment strip and eyed-up where I wanted to place it on the front panel.  Then, I just started in the center of the panel with the brush stroke image, and repeated it several times to create the sunburst, making sure to stamp it low enough that the sentiment strip would cover the 'rough' center where each stroke began.  (There are actually two different shades of orange on each brush stroke, with the darker one on the bottom half and the lighter one on the outer ends.)  I then sponged the darker shade of ink across the bottom portion of the card so that the sentiment would really pop.  I popped it up with foam adhesive and added the little jewels, and that was that!!!

And...great news if you like the idea of this new will be given away at the Precious Remembrance blog to a lucky visitor.  After visiting the designer's blogs, head to Precious Remembrance by this Sunday and comment.  A random visitor will be picked to receive a set of 'New Day':)

If you got here via the came here from Guest Designer, Judy's blog and just need to head to Precious Remembrance to finish up.  If you would like to start from the beginning, just head on over to PR to see the entire list of blogs (only 9, including me and PR!) and get all the give away details.

Thanks so much for dropping in, and enjoy!!!


Friday, March 28, 2014

~Festive Friday #28~

Hello, crafty friends!  Here we are at the end of another week and the beginning of a new challenge over at Festive Friday!  Here's the new inspiration for you to interpret however you choose!

It's fun to see all the different ways the inspiration is included in your creations!  I focused on those frosty pinecones and evergreen sprigs, along with all the white in the photo.  (Wish I had candle image in my stamps, but…not a ONE!!!)  It may sound a little silly, but I knew right away I wanted to make use of some of the tiny pinecones our huge Hemlock tree in the front yard puts off…they're less than an inch long…and there are tons!  I've always thought I needed to do something fun with them.  My daughter had already bagged some up the week before, thinking SHE would do something fun with them…so I borrowed a few, and added a little white paint and glitter.  I decided to use them for something other than a card since I knew they would be adding bulk, and thought they would be an adorable way to embellish a tag...  

…they really were just the perfect size for this Papertrey tag die!!!  I got a little inspiration from Heather Nichols who recently posted some sweet Easter tags that she mass produced and added names to for personalization.  It's nice to think you could quickly make up a bunch early, and then just add names as you need them throughout the holidays. ( I just did this name on the computer.)  And that's it, I guess!  Hope you'll join us for this new challenge.  Or you may just want to file away some inspiration for future use from the team over at the Festive Friday blog!

Wanted to let you know…I've really been struggling the last couple months finding time for crafting and visiting.  My kids are just getting busier and busier!  And, on top of that, I've found myself back at work.  Not as a classroom teacher, thank goodness, just as an assistant.  But after only one week of being back at work, it is clear that blogging in general will be taking a serious back seat.  I've given up FUSION, but am going to try to hang on to Festive Friday and Precious Remembrance.  I just can't make any promises on how often I will be around to visit.  Three kids and a traveling husband take up every bit of daylight I have, it seems.  And...I'm no spring chicken…this girl's gotta sleep sometime!!!;)
I'll do the very best I can, is all I can say.  You can trust that it hasn't been an easy few weeks, as this has all come up fairly suddenly, and saying goodbye to being a SAH mom has been harder than I ever realized it would be.  I am so thankful, though, that the most perfect little job for me was open just when we needed it. My kids will be able to stay right here in the community they've always called home, and my husband can continue to do what he loves and is so good at!!!  (I think the good Lord is watchin' out for us;)

Thanks so much for stickin' with me and letting me share!  I sure do appreciate each and every one of you!!!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

~Happy Birthday, Maria!!!~

Hello, and Happy Sunday to you all!
So glad you could stop in as we welcome another member into
the elite Fab 50 club.  My sweet and oh, so creative and talented friend, Maria
is turning 50 today, and a little party is being thrown in her honor.  This
past week sneaky notes have been passed, and hands have been busy
as friends have all tried to come up with cards worthy of this special occasion.
No easy task here, as Maria is one of THE most creative card makers I know, and
each one of her creations is a treat and absolute breath of fresh air.
How to match that creativity…I do not know…And, Maria,…
I know my card falls short as I've found myself back to work with little crafting time...

HAD to find time for this party, though, and I hope this bold and bright (which makes me think of you!;) card will do!  You are a jewel, and I'm so happy we've become
acquainted through blogging.  I do hope your time in the States with your family
has been enjoyable and memories have been made that you'll take back home and treasure!
Happy Birthday, my friend!!!
For those of you who know Maria and would like to join the festivities,  
the party is taking place over on Shirley Bampton's blog.
And for those of you wishing you could be inducted into this special and elite group
of women…
Your day will come…Your day will come!
Thanks so much for stopping in!

Friday, March 14, 2014

~a little Winter…a little Spring~

This every-other-Friday thing is getting to be a trend, huh?  Can't seem to carve any more time than that out lately.  And this post is much like our weather here in Indiana...don't know if it's winter or spring.  But you'll get a little of both in today's projects!

I wanted to let you know of a sweet little project I've posted at Precious Remembrance today.  I've packaged up 'a little something for you' in lots of Spring finery!

"What could it be" you ask???  Oh the drama!!!  Better head to Precious Remembrance to find out!!!;)
(I know…I'm a tease!)

Another challenge is up at Festive Friday also…

Now, ain't that purdy???
And here's my card…

The stamping on this card is so subtle!  It's much prettier in person!  Here's one more photo to give you the idea…

And I'm sure you know by now…there's always LOTS more inspiration that the rest of the team is sharing, if you'd like to head to the blog and play along!

Must. Get. Sleep.;)
I've GOT to go, but I DO appreciate your visit today!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

~FUSION…Bring on Spring!!!~

Hey, Everyone!  There's some new Spring-y green inspiration up at FUSION today...

I personally love a good snowy winter...but at this point, even I have to say...
bring on Spring!!!

So I used some Basic Grey 'Fresh Cut' goodies that scream Spring to follow this week's sketch...

Yep, this sketch is wide open for interpretation, I think.  So what do you say...wanna play along???  Just head over to the blog, or check the rest of team using the list below for more inspiration.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 28, 2014

~Precious Remembrance, Festive Friday, and a card for Baby~

Hey, everyone! Glad you've dropped in today! Several things to share…hmmmm…what first???  How about…a fun baby card…

What do you think?  Not too shabby for a 'made from scratch' kind of card?  I only have one baby themed set to my name and I was wanting to try something different, so I looked around on the internet at some boat images, sketched up a little template, found some sweet patterns, and…there she be…all ready for sailin'!  I really wanted to have a name on the boat…'Sunny Daze'…but I tried it a couple different ways with the computer and kept ending up with, well…just computer generated words on a paper boat.  Didn't really want that, so I just left it off.  I thought it all made up into a happy little card anyway, though.  Alrighty then…moving on to…Festive Friday, shall we???

There's your inspiration for the new challenge.  Now, I don't own much in the way of edible treat-themed stamps either, so I went with the little holly sprigs and the warm, spicy colors…

…used my little Lawn Fawn deer and had fun dressing him up.  I also tried some embossing paste with a stencil.  Now that was easy folks!  And kinda fun for something different!  You'll find more inspiration at the blog if you care to join in the fun of creating Christmas cards all year round with us.  The rest of the team ALWAYS does such a nice job of inspiring us…I'm so proud to be a part of them!  Finally, I have a peek of my Precious Remembrance card using the 'Coffee Love' set…

…you'll find it over at the PR blog today if you care to visit!

Well, I think I'll let you get on with your Friday!  Hope this weekend holds some good creative fun for you!  And maybe some blue skies and warm spring breezes…yeah, RIGHT, huh?  I hear we have another winter storm heading our way, so I think we might be bundled up inside again this weekend!
Take care, my friends!!!
And thank you so much for your visit today!